Grand Rounds at Laika’s MedLibLog

Jacqueline (aka Laika) has this week’s Grand Rounds up at Laika’s MedLibLog.

One might wonder if many posts could be found that fit the theme:  Data, Information, and Communication.   There are approximately fifty posts in this Rounds, so many that you will want to go back several times, so as not to miss anything interesting.  Dr. Herb Mathewson has a post – Want to Go Dutch…or French…or German? – on learning about other countries’ healthcare systems.  There are several posts about social media and medicine – too many to mention, but obviously a source of information for those interested in learning more about this subject – most appropriate for those of us who are of an older, pre-computer age.  Some posts are very serious (My Review of Lifetime’s Movie: Five), while others, such as  ZDoggMD’s Doctors Today, are of a lighter nature.  Stop by and have a look.