Shock Treatment In Israel

I’ve recently come across (courtesy of Tallaght Trialogue on Twitter) an article titled: The Court: Electroshock treatments should not be forced on psychiatric patients.  The original was in Israel Hayom, an Israeli newspaper, and was written by Edna Adato.  The English version above was on, and was translated by Janna Weiss.

The article is brief, and the content is straightforward.  As a result of a recent Israeli court ruling, electric shock treatment will not be administered against a person’s will, even if the person has been involuntarily committed to a mental hospital.

This is a victory for humanity and for decency.  A step on the road towards treating people as people rather than as broken brains, and towards abandoning destructive “treatments” that have no proven value.

  • The Right Hon. Cledwyn B’stard

    I am a big fan of Israeli psychiatry. According to John Read in “Models of Madness”, in 2004, two-thirds of the people in Israel’s mental hospitals were Holocaust survivors. Many, perhaps even most, had been in these “hospitals” for 50 years, diagnosed as suffering from (yes, you guessed it) “schizophrenia”. No doubt the Holocaust itself was just a trigger.

    What a life, ey? From the Holocaust to fifty years in a psychiatric ward, forced to take Thorazine and Haloperidol, often kept in solitary confinement over decades, supposedly, and many routinely beaten by staff.

    And I think to myself, what a wonderful world!