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I tried to commit suicide for the first time when I was 15. I spent my 16th birthday locked up in Dammasch State Mental Hospital, I freaked out when I was told I was going to have to stay so my clothes were ripped off me, by male aids and I was thrown naked in a real padded room… hint they are NOT padded. The light was on all the time and nothing was provided for cover to keep warm. I remember seeing men looking at me and I remember pictures being taken thru the peek hole window. I was in that room, with meals shoved thru a slit in the door for 3 days. The toilet was a hole in the floor and no, there wasn’t any toilet paper. . While at the “hospital”, I remember being put in a strait jacket and tied into a chair and my “meds” forced down my throat. When I realized I could vomit them back up I was sedated and given drugs via an IV. I woke up to being raped. I made friends with one gal, she was 14. She had ( I know know as ) anorexia. I watched her try and try and try to eat. She died. Another person I made friends with hung himself and died. The psy dr said I was on the schedule for shock treatments since I refused to co-operate with the rules and the staff. That scared the shit outta me. I started doing all the things I was supposed to do and 3 months later I was released.. cured. Nothing was different for me, except I learned how to manipulate people to get what I wanted. I HATED that feeling so I never took “advantage” of that “skill”.. Remember I had just turned 16.

In my early 20’s I tried to commit suicide again and committed to another hosp in Vancouver WA with a DX of Manic Depression. I was on a cocktail of lithium, stelazine, tofranil chloral hydrate and a few others I can’t remember the names of .. for more than 7 years I saw a psychiatrist until my divorce and my insurance ran out. Dumped to fare the best I could into the mental health system for the poor I quit all my drugs cold turkey.
It was while under the Dr’s care I read a book he recommended called Self-Talk. I believed I was sick with metal illness(es?) until I read that book. For the first time I heard no one can make me feel anyway at all unless I choose to let them. That my responses to life were totally under my control and direction ALL of them. I was 32.  I’ve attempted suicide or came very very close to it 6 times in my life. Finally I asked myself, self, I’m smart enough to have gotten the job done so whats REALLY going on? I figured out WHY I kept diving into the back hole. I really do walk a different, road now thanks to getting the message my subconscious kept sending me. Thats been my experience with the Mental Health system. I am continually agast and appalled at the amount of drugs being forced onto people, particularly children, We adults have been fed a line of BS for so long about depression that it’s destroying us as a nation and no one can see it.

A  Reader

  • Phil_Hickey

    Thanks for telling your story. It’s a tragic tale, and it’s a great credit to you that you’ve managed to get yourself to a better place.

    As a nation, we have indeed bought the depression nonsense, and it is destroying us.

    Best wishes.

  • Bogus

    You do not have a Ph.D., indeed your work would not even achieve the undergraduate level, let alone the level of a doctoral thesis required for a postgraduate qualification. No university would accept this nonsense and there is ample amounts of data supporting the neurotransmitter thesis, which you would know if you had read any of the literature, or indeed a simple modern textbook in psychology.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! That “ample amount of evidence supporting the neurotransmitter thesis” is so “ample” so astoundingly “ample”, that we live in a world where NOBODY AT ALL who is labeled with the fake disease of “depression” has their neurotransmission measured to examined in any objective way whatsoever. You know another time/claim when mere “literature” stood in for real biological discovery? Scientific racism. Yeah they used to have some drawings of minority skulls in the “literature”, and the mere fact they were in something called “Scientific” literature, made people believe them. On the ground in real life, no black people were being proven biologically inferior, but the fact it was in the literature was enough for gullible true believers to believe it. The same is the case with you and your mindless faith in psychiatry.

  • T.A. Anderson

    see below

  • T.A. Anderson

    See mates, all yanks are grammatically challenged, even those with the Colorado Board of Psychology. The real question concerns the etiology of this behavior, could it possibly be subconscious.

  • Bogus

    Freudian psychology has been abandoned in psychology and is unscientific (perhaps you should read Kuhn or Popper for more information). Modern research in psychopathology is biological, no research or necessary referencing is done to Freud’s ideas. You may have been able to make this look genuine without the incoherence of the discipline section.

  • Bogus

    What? No, scientists base their hypotheses on evidence. And you refer to Hitler’s propaganda of applying Darwin’s evolutionary biology to the inferiority of Jews (he also did this with the works of Marx); this was most certainty not in any scientific literature. In fact, Hitler drove most creative scientific work out of Germany, including psychiatry and psychology.

  • The Right Hon. Cledwyn B’Stard

    There is ample amount of data showing that people who say things like “there is ample amount of data”, are usually liars or just wrong, this being one of the few exceptions. Even accepting that there is such involvement, that does not equate to causation, just that such neurotransmitters have an enabling function. I would agree with some on this issue that there are reciprocal relations between mental activity, biology and experience, that there is often mutual influence. Yet there is no justification for the biological reductionism of modern psychiatry, and the shoehorning of patients and their experiences into equally reductionistic categories with the assumptions built into them that the patient’s problems are biological in origin.

    There is a distinction between problems that have a true biological aetiology and extrinsic problems whereby biology is merely the medium for the expression of said problems or bears their impress. Sadly, psychiatry is a force for the maintenance of the status quo and, notwithstanding its practitioners pretensions to the contrary, one of its main functions is to obscure the centrality of the context of the individual’s distress and the proximal factors (such as the immediate environment and the interpersonal relations of the individual), as well as distal factors (such as culture and policy) often causing these problems, at least to a large degree, although sometimes responsibility primarily devolves upon the patient himself, especially in the case of evil behaviour. In doing this psychiatry acts acts a vehicle for injustice, exculpating the people and institutions that are responsible, blaming genes and brains.

    As for the comment about Phil not having a Ph.D, nonsense doesn’t cease to be nonsense just because people with Ph.D. s believe in it.

    “There is no error so monstrous that it fails to find defenders amongst the ablest men.”

    John Acton

    Likewise, there is no error so patently nonsensical that it fails to find defenders amongst those with degrees, no matter how much they prepossess the minds of the common herd, with an impression of awe and reverence.

    We’re all aware modern research in “psychopathology” is biological, because of who controls the research agenda. Still doesn’t change the fact that this research has yielded nothing that could be incorporated into the diagnostic procedure, so that it would conform to the rigorous standards found in real medical fields. Even Thomas Insel, head of the research institute NIMH, said that there are no bioloigcal or genetic markers, which pretty much sums up the evidentiary bankruptcy of this profession.

    Psychiatry isn’t a proper medical science, but more a kind of splicing together of elements of the ecclesiatic bodies given the ex post facto title the Inquisition (as instrument of social control) and medicine (whose idiom, symbology and tradition it outwardly conforms to, because true knowledge of the work its practitioners are engaged in would interfere with the proper discharge of their duties, its essentially odious character necessitating the application of a rhetoric of deception utilized in the conquest of the masses and in propitiation of the collective conscience of those engaged in the continuing destruction of the ostensible beneficiaries).

  • Francesca Allan

    Yes, thankfully Freudian psychology has largely been abandoned. However, the biochemical imbalance assumptions are no more scientific.

    If you want to talk about the biology of the brain, then we are moving into neurology. But psychiatrists do not deal in neurology — they simply count symptoms off the DSM lists and write the corresponding prescription. There is nothing scientific about the practice and there is nothing scientific about the research behind it.

    When a depressed person goes to see a psychiatrist, they almost invariably walk out with a prescription for an SSRI. There is no bloodwork, no brain scan, no objective test whatsoever to confirm or deny the diagnosis. That is not science.

  • T.A. Anderson

    “But psychiatrists do not deal in neurology — they simply
    count symptoms off the DSM lists and write the corresponding prescription. There is nothing scientific about the practice and there is nothing scientific about the research behind it.”

    Yes, this is true. This is point is made very effectively by the APA themselves. Every year at the annual convention the psychiatry resident compete in “MindGames.” According to the APA the contest is a jeopardy like format that tests the residents’ proficiency in psychiatry. Trivial pursuit but without any science questions is what it truly is.

    Anyone who can memorize the DSM, can make it in psychiatry. Given just a day of two to ready myself, I could win their MindGames competition every year. No doubt the APA and their PR people will be attempting to rework the contest from one of memory to one that tests proficiency in scientific analysis. The problem is that their “discipline section” is lacking in both science AND analysis.

    I see hope for the future. This from Germany: To summarize, our two fMRI studies provide consistent evidence that autonomic arousal during free associations predicts subsequent
    forgetting, that this effect depends on an activation of conflict-related regions such as the adACC and a down-regulation of regions within the medial temporal lobe, which is known to be crucial for episodic memory recall [7–9]. This pattern of results fits exactly to the psychodynamic theories of repression as a mechanism for avoiding conscious access to conflict-related material. One relevant future project will be to test the effects of individually-designed stimuli, e.g. derived from psychotherapy or so operationalized psychodynamic diagnostics (OPD) [55]. Furthermore, it will be interesting to apply this paradigm to clinical populations whose psychopathology is assumed to depend on repression,for example patients with conversion disorders or dissociative pseudo-seizures. Possibly, brain activation patterns during this paradigm may point towards
    relevant unresolved conflicts – reminiscent of the initial ideas of C.G. Jung, and in line with previous research in the emerging new field of ‘‘Neuro-Psychoanalysis’’ [56–58].

    Nobody likes Freud. He was obsessed with sex and it showed in his work, but he was on to something. What he was onto was the existence of the metaphoric equivalent of the soul—the subconscious, unconscious, or hidden observer within the human mind the existence of which is being demonstrated in
    MRI studies. Regarding the truth in Jung’s psychoanalytic theories, “I do not believe, I know.”

  • Phil_Hickey


    If you would like to come back with some issues, as opposed to personal attacks, I would be happy to discuss. I welcome dialogue.

    Best wishes.

  • T.A. Anderson

    Apparently one must memorize from a book other than the DSM. So it might take me 3 or 4 days to do this. I did not photoshop the photo below. Trust me, I swear on my oath as a lawy . . . well I swear it. The LCD projection really does contain a description for what would be the fictitious disorder known as Munchausen syndrome by proxy. “Exaggeration or fabrication of illnesses or symptoms by a primary care giver.” I assume the answer would be the same had they phrased the question “Exaggeration or fabrication of illnesses or symptoms by a psychiatrist.”

    This is just too bizarre. Shouldn’t we be diagnosing the caregiver, and not just the patient?

    Their description does raise another issue in my mind. Does not a belief in the placebo effect give recognition to the power of the human mind to create pathologic changes in the body? Could the irony here be that the only true pathology in these human behavior conditions is that which results incidentally from cases of labeling, exaggerated or not?

    One final point. Probably a point others have already made. The only solution for this apparent lack of thinking in psychiatry is to abandon the guide book. Force psychiatrist to listen to their patients more carefully and to then give thoughtful analysis to the problem themselves.

  • Anonymous

    I never mentioned Hitler. Google ‘scientific racism’ and you’ll see how uninformed you are. It was not restricted to the 1940s, or Nazi Germany. “Scientific” literature espousing “biological inferiority” of various races was ascendant from the second half of the 19th century to the first half of the 20th. Yet you read “Hitler” where his name wasn’t even mentioned. Are you unable to follow along? It’s truly entertaining how many uninformed dolts swing by the blog. It’s really very encouraging. It shows how easily the ignorance of the public can one day hopefully be defeated. There’s no point arguing with a fool that watches millions of people go to a psychiatrist and not have their biology examined in any way by a physician and proven diseased, who continues to maintain that it’s a “fact” that these millions of people have a “biological problem”. You’re basically about as evidence based as David Koresh was. I suppose you don’t know who David Koresh was. You probably think I’m talking about “Hitler” again. Google is your friend. Thank you for giving us our daily laugh.

  • Bob

    It does not follow logically from the premise “one uses the adjective ample”” to the conclusion “that person is a liar”. And when your say “have their biology examined”, you are simply being an idiot. And Google, as you say, is in no way a reliable source. Try reading Edward Shorter’s work “A History of Psychiatry”.

  • Bill

    The point was that “Phil” does not have a PhD and is therefore lying.

  • Phil’saprick

    You deleted those comments, I believe. You do not welcome conversation, you are a deluded liar who most likely failed all academic work and probably runs this poor excuse for discussion in psychology to fuel your narcissistic personality disorder. Did you know your type of incoherent and grandiose language is characteristic of schizophrenia? Best see a psychiatrist – you know, man of reason and science…
    Best Wishes.

  • T.A. Anderson

    So I can better understand, let me try making some of his substantive points for him the only way I know how, by cross examining you. And please don’t do the M.D. thing, a simple yes or no will suffice. You will have ample opportunity to explain later.

    Scott: Dr. Hickey, regardless of whether or not the event is observable or not, do you BELIEVE that on the macro level within the brain there must be some electro-chemical mechanism occurring to produce the entirety of my experience? To borrow from philosophy, do you believe that theoretically I could exist just as well by being a brain in a vat?

  • Francesca Allan

    But that “point” was demonstrably false.

  • Francesca Allan

    Please check again to find your comments because Phil almost never removes them. All of us here do welcome conversation but we don’t tolerate shit and abuse such as you display yet again with this latest comment. Did you know your anger is characteristic of the manic phase of bipolar disorder? Best see a psychiatrist – you know, man of reason and science ….

  • Francesca Allan

    Hey, T.A., I realize your post wasn’t addressed to me but I hope it’s okay if I answer anyway:

    (1) Not quite sure what you mean by macro level here. I would think micro would be a better description. Anyway, yes, there are phenomena within the brain that give rise to every sensation, thought, feeling, fear, etc. that a person has. None of these states could exist without the brain i.e. there is no sensible concept of mind that involves substance duality.

    (2) No. Because it’s only a person’s interaction with the world that creates their experience.

  • Francesca Allan

    Could you address the content of my post, though? Do you agree there’s a distinction between psychiatry and neurology? Do you agree that psychiatric labels are neither reliable nor valid?

  • T.A. Anderson

    (1) And I hear in my brain and not with my ears, I feel in my brain and not with my fingers, I see in my brain and not with my eyes. All of those processes are occurring as a result of electrochemical transmissions along the neurofibers within the neuronet of my brain, correct?

    (2) Maybe a poorly worded question on my part. Let me try it this way. Hypothetically speaking, no law of nature, would prevent us from some day being able to create your entire experience by controlling the neuronet in your brain, correct? So, you can be made to hear without hears, feel without fingers, etc.., correct? U don’t need any external stimuli to perceive their existence, correct?

  • Bill

    What? No, your reply went off topic and started discussing research in biology. The comment originally said that the evidence that this “Phil” has a PhD was produced the day I said he didn’t. And in the “discipline” section it was quoting Freudian psychology and Jung, which is an abandoned paradigm in modern psychopathology. PhDs are typically signed by the head of a university and are not completely incoherent and obscure. Anyone can post anything on the internet, and for all we know this man has already created this and another page in order to allude people into believing he is who he says he is. It says he is an “author”. Where is his university level information and his published thesis? It is a recent sociological phenomenon where people live fantasy lives on blogs and chat rooms, and there is plenty of research on this, I can assure you. And yes, he deleted most of my comments where this ha been said before. He clearly has no coherent ideas in psychology, he apparently jumps between Freud’s work, cognitive psychology and behaviourism at will with apparently to clear premises or conclusions.

  • Bill

    That is a sociological theory and has nothing to do with the existence of psychiatric disorders. And yes, these diagnoses are valid. “Big Phil” says bipolar disorders does not exist, and that psychoses and suicide are completely normal and in no need of treatment. Before psychiatry the mentally ill were abused and battered by family members and the public. It is at this point institutions were made to treat these patients, a period of “Romantic psychiatry”. This was during the scientific enlightenment and scientists like Esquirol took patients home and were adamant in their writings that they could cure these patients with routine. Biological psychiatry came later after the Freud hiatus, and now patients can lead normal lives with their families and have fulfilling experiences. Psychiatry is an essential part of society, and has one of the most enduring roles and aims. We should celebrate this, and not say such nonsense as this Phil says, which is harmful and misleading. Disorganised thinking and speech in schizophrenia is apparently “normal”, and these people should be left to suffer? Destroy this charlatan.

  • SameGuy

    I do have bipolar disorder, and I do see a psychiatrist. This anger was due to this man deleting my opinions and degrading psychiatry. And I have never had a full manic episode, just hypomanic. I am currently in a treated major depressive episode.

  • Guest

    Sad. You’re obviously very impaired from the amount of psychiatric drugs you’re taking Bob. You come across like a deeply brain damaged individual.

  • Anonymous

    You know when you hear some deeply religious person say something is a “sin”?, or when a Muslim says something is “haram”? And you just roll your eyes because you don’t share that religion? I feel the same way when you use pseudoscientific concepts like “hypomania” and “major depressive episode”, these labels are nothing but quackery based pseudomedicalization of human distress. You have every right to believe what your “psychiatrist” tells you, and to adopt and cleave to the spurious concepts he/she has filled your head with, if you feel seeing this quack is helping you, if you feel gulping down drugs that alter your brain which has never been proved diseased with any biological test constitutes “treatment”, nobody is taking away your right to swallow these drugs. You need to just understand there are skeptics out there that don’t buy psychiatry, accept this, and go find one of the millions of places online that reinforces the sorts of beliefs you hold about psychiatry. At the end of the day, psychiatry inventing the ridiculous fake “medical” sounding phrase “major depressive episode”, didn’t magically make millions of unhappy people into genuine “sick” people. It just called them that. It’s a bogus science, bogus fake medical profession, and causes a lot of harm. But if you’re happy believing in the label they’ve put on you and believing that numbing yourself out constitutes some kind of “treatment”, then just do it, and stop coming where and whining because there’s some people in the world who don’t share your religious beliefs in the cult of psychiatry.

  • Francesca Allan

    Actually “Bogus” was the one who brought up biology. I had assumed that “Bogus,” “Bill,” etc. were all the same person, given that they all joined us at the same time and shared the same opinions. I apologize if I was in error.

    You seriously think Phil Hickey doesn’t have a PhD and isn’t a real psychologist? Do you have any evidence for that claim beyond your not agreeing with him? His ideas are very coherent; that’s why I visit this blog.

    I really don’t know about your “abandoned paradigm” claim. I’ve taken psychology courses as recently as this last academic year and Freud et al were still being discussed and not just to dismiss them.

    As for your comments being deleted, if it’s true, I am really, really surprised. I’m sure Phil will be back to comment on that.

  • T.A. Anderson

    Can I feel good or bad without there being some electrochemical activity going on in my brain to generate that feeling?

  • Francesca Allan

    But it’s not merely a sociological theory — it’s a description of how the field works. A psychiatric diagnosis is merely a statement that someone has met X number of listed items for a DSM label. Those numbered lists are voted into existence by an APA committee, more than half of whom receive funds from Big Pharma. There is no way to confirm or deny a diagnosis of mental illness. A biological explanation is assumed without any objective testing whatsoever.

    You say “before psychiatry the mentally ill were abused and battered ….” Well, guess what! We still are being abused and battered. Outcomes are no better than they were decades ago despite these “advances” in psychopharmacology. The rates of chronic mental disability just gets higher and higher. The net is cast wider and wider — toddlers are now routinely medicated for fictitious diseases.

    Yes, some patients do better on medication. That doesn’t indicate any underlying pathology. I’m an anxious person. Ativan calms me down. Fine. So does alcohol. Does that indicate that my anxiety is biological in origin? I don’t think so.

    Psychiatry is not essential. It is, on balance, harmful to its victims and although some psychiatrists and researchers are genuinely trying to help, the field overall is a cesspool of financial conflicts of interest.

    I think you are completely misrepresenting Phil’s position on mental illness. I have never seen him say people “should be left to suffer.” What he does say (and I’m paraphrasing, of course) is that psychiatry assumes a biological cause, sets patients up for a lifetime of harmful medication, and makes people chronically ill.

    I’ve been “bipolar.” I’ve been “schizophrenic.” I’ve been “schizoaffective.” I’ve been “depressed.” I’ve been “borderline.” These labels are meaningless. If these were severe and permanent biological conditions (as I was told they were), there is no way in the world I could have rejected my labels, declined medication, gone back to university, and regained my independence. There are thousands and thousands of people who have made the same spectacular recoveries.

    It’s psychiatry that needs to be destroyed, not those who speak out against it.

  • Francesca Allan

    I really can’t see how you could have any physical or emotional feeling whatsoever without your neural synapses being activated. I have a stupid example but it’s the best I can come up with at the moment. It is lack of food (low caloric intake) that makes you feel hungry so the sensation starts with your empty stomach but you can only be aware of your hunger through your neuronal activity. You could, theoretically, cure your hunger without eating anything. Come to think of it, there are drugs that do that, aren’t there?

  • Francesca Allan

    (1) I think you could accurately say that your ears translate sound waves into electrochemical activity that fires neurons in your brain, just as your eyes translate the energy of light particles.They are certainly brain events. But it doesn’t really make sense to me to say that appreciating the colour of a rainbow is a brain event. Yes, it’s your brain that creates the sensation of visual pleasure but I think it’s misleading to end the model there. So it’s back to the whole mind/brain thing again.

    (2) I don’t think so. All sensation and experience results from your interaction with the environment around you so you wouldn’t be hearing or feeling, etc. but you could (in fact, you can) alter neurons to create a “sensation.” That ersatz sensation really wouldn’t be experience, though, so you wouldn’t be actually hearing but you’d have the sensation of a sensation.

    Oh, boy, this is way over my head! We need a philosopher and a neurologist and a physicist at the very least.

  • T.A. Anderson

    Oh you are good. You seemingly stubble right to the spot I was heading to in the beginning. Should we be curing me of hunger when I am malnourished? Even if we come to understand neurotransmission such that we can tweak any response we desire, do we really want to be doing that?

  • T.A. Anderson

    I don’t need science in order to believe in something I know. Sounds childish but remember this “I told you so.” I know because using posthypnotic amnesia I created a dissociative amnesia. You can believe what I know if you quit with the rhetoric about Freud and do some reading.

  • LOL

  • Really. LOL Freud is not dead. He got social anxiety and went into hiding at Tavistock.

  • cledwyn

    Involuntary psychiatry, to borrow from Kraus on the subject of psychoanalysis, is the disease it purports to cure (not that I literally believe involuntary psychiatry is a disease).

    Camus once said that the evils totalitarianism claims to remedy are not as great as the evils of totalitarianism itself. The same could be said about psychiatric totalitarianism.

    One problem that is rarely looked at in great detail is the cankerous, brutalizing influence of the practice of psychiatric coercion and violence on its practitioners, its impact upon the formation of their character, its disfiguring influence on their humanity, which is an ongoing process.

    On the bedrock of our innate character, a sedimentary layer of acquired characteristics accumulates, deposited through the process of the individual’s psychological and behavioral adaptation to the rules and conditions that obtain within the environment in which he/she operates. Through the reinforcement of corrupt behavior and the corrupt thoughts that inevitably gather around it, and the consequent disfiguration of the individual’s moral constitution, profound damage is done to the character of the individual.

    Corrupt action also breeds corrupt thought.

    Because of the fertile ground corrupt behavior lays for corrupt thought, the testimony of people who work in these places should be, as a rule, disregarded. We realize this with evildoers who, by virtue of the interposition of great temporal distance between ourselves and them (which is usually required for the mass-minded individual, who is incapable of discerning evil in his own age, for the most part, when that evil disguises itself variously behind the masks of custom, habit, tradition, law, righteousness and morality), as well as the psychological and moral distance of people separated not only by time but by a difference in worldview, can be seen for what they are, their actions shorn of the pretenses with which they were once overlaid.

    Not that such work necessarily leads to a kind of morose delectation for anything other than a few depraved individuals, in whom a propensity for cruelty is native to their character, as can be deduced from the cast of the person’s features to one well versed in the art of physiognomy, or from the revelation in an individual’s history of cruelty to animals.

    What I am referring to is the mechanical tendency of human beings to rationalize, to self-justify when they engage in behavior that visibly harms, because as research showed in studies where people administer electric shocks and then asked to evaluate their victims, we hate those we hurt precisely because in having hurt them we must learn to live with ourselves, and a feedback loop is created, whereby the violence feeds the hatred and the hatred feeds the violence, so that self-justification begets more of the violence that is being rationalized.

    In consequence of man’s need to think well of himself (which is one of the mediums through which he understands himself, without which he would open a whole Pandora’s box of psychological evils), the perpetration of evil against another tends to ingrain the conviction that something about the predisposition or behavior of that person vindicates the treatment meted out. The victim is seen as deserving of the abuse he/she is subjected to. For man, to think well of oneself is a psychological necessity, and to this end the truth is sacrificed when the desired feelings of decency and goodness issue not from the facts of the situation, the portals to such feelings being accessible only through the imagination and not reality.

    Given that, once we penetrate past the veil of lies and hypocrisy covering the issue issue of psychiatric violence, torture and abuse is revealed, the question must be, what are the repercussions of this for the individual who engages in it, and, as I have just shown, justifies it? If we were to trace the ramifications of such corrupt acts into the different spheres of a man’s being, I believe it would be found that it corrupts his thought, his character, his behavior, and disfigures his moral constitution.

    All the acts of violence we engage in corrupt us, to a greater or lesser extent depending on the amount and the severity, because they harden the heart to human suffering, just as his heart is hardened by justifying that violence. Practitioners of psychiatric violence try to circumvent this problem simply by denying that what they engage in is not violence.

    Force and violence, even when employed merely at the behest of another and not issuing directly from one’s own inner baseness, condition support for their usage, so that the more one uses them, the more willing one becomes to justify their usage, because every corrupt act contains within it the seed of self-justification, and the justification of their employment in one’s own situation and for one’s own purposes inexorably leads to faith in their ultimate moral legitimacy.

    Once they have become an established part of one’s behavioral repertoire within the environment in which such behavior is rewarded, they begin to force itself into other aspects of a man’s existence, so that what at first is contained within the confines of the workplace, begins to manifest itself outside.

    The boxer who uses his fists in the ring is quick to turn to them for support outside of it.

    Hence the psychiatrist’s love-affair with coercion, why it is that on a site like MIA, it is the coercers who are the quickest to appeal to the moderators for the forced removal of individuals they are in conflict with from the community.

    Forced psychiatry, which sneaks torture through the backdoor, is a business whose dubious profits simply don’t cover the costs. Like other forms of torture, by focusing exclusively on the supposed benefits, and consigning the harms to oblivion, one can make it seem justifiable. This is why, of course, torture, as an institution, persists (as can be seen with Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib, for which similar justifications are advanced as with forced psychiatry, with in both cases innocent lives being reduced to the status of unpeople, expendable in the pursuit of public security, which is not even to talk of the illegitimacy of what is done to the guilty).

  • all too easy

    Don’t believe you. Left in a room naked with nothing to keep you warm? Bull

  • all too easy

    A woman claims her son committed suicide years after he was diagnosed with mental illness. He was hit by a train. It was all the psychiatrists fault. Those incompetent boobs killed my baby!

    Some take great joy in blaming others for their problems. Some gullible enough to believe them, take great joy in agreeing with whatever they say. Then, more jump in and soon you have an industry built upon pure bologna. Such is the house of cards fabricated by these silly boobs. They never question the blatant bull permeating the entire sham.

    O, her psychiatrist threw her out of a twenty story building cause she refused antipsychotic drugs! Me too! Landed on my head and bounced all the way to Texarkana in three weeks where I found Dr. Harry’s miracle pickle juice cure. Been off all drugs now for twenty seven minutes.

  • all too easy

    Your funniest rant so far. Totalitarian psychiatrists are well on their way to overtaking all the world. You and doc Freddie Big Whopper Baughman should form a new comedy team. Baughman and the Boob, Humor so hilarious you’ll never stop laughing.



  • all too easy

    Funny, ain’t it? The good doc welcomes dialogue but ain’t too crazy about personal attacks. Have you seen what he has to say about his favorite psychiatrists?

  • Guest

    The problem with psychiatrists is most of them know very little about human psychology. It’s crazy that they are allowed to diagnose and treat human mental conditions in such a vacuum. Even if one is to buy into their medical model of chemical imbalance, it’s still lunacy to then not believe that psychology has no bearing. Psychiatrist are in effect the agents of conformity control. If you don’t mind telling, what Dopey Stigma Manual diagnosis have they tagged you with and what meds?

  • Guest

    The problem with psychiatry is most psychiatrists know almost nothing about human psychology. It’s crazy that they are then allowed to diagnose and treat human mental conditions. Even if one is to buy into their medical model of chemical imbalance, it’s still lunacy to then not believe that psychology has no bearing. Psychiatrist are in effect the agents of conformity control. They are armed with neurotoxins, electroshock devices, and lock-up facilities. If you don’t mind telling, what Dopey Stigma Manual diagnosis have they tagged you with and what meds ?

  • all too easy

    Another brilliant, insightful and fact based statement by the Antiboobs of Bonneville.

    I was labelled as big boy with booming, ballooning, behemoth, bulging brain disease. The only known cure is to spend the rest of my days reading everything posted by you and your co-geniuses. Brain shrinkage is a proven side effect of visiting this site just one time.

  • all too easy

    The problems with you boobs is that you know nothing about psychiatry and psychiatrists, but you think you are M.D.s. In addition, your gang consists predominantly of the mentally ill, who will do anything to shake that diagnosis, especially when it comes to denouncing the doctors who try so hard to help you.
    Who among you will confess to poisoning your children with aspirin, a far more deadly drug than all the drugs you whine about combined, without question? Yet, the vociferous warriors of truth and justice are strikingly silent as they contemplate their lives behind bars. Attempted murder is a serious charge and now that all l police departments nationwide will be notified of your handing out aspirin like it was aspirin, there is little doubt your future will be confined in steel cages.

  • Juan del Diablo

    Click where? Where is the link?

  • Juan del Diablo

    Where is the link to the “most disgusting trolling yet” by all too easy?

  • Juan del Diablo
  • Rob Bishop

    Interesting article. Similarly, when addicts are taught they have a life-long illness, it instills a state of powerlessness. It’s crippling. Imagine how many people have committed suicide because they believed they were screwed up for life.

  • Juan del Diablo

    I agree. I believe that many deaths in the so-called “schizophrenia” population could be directly linked to the dismal diagnosis which annihilates hope and negates life.

    Did you check out the comment thread? See anyone you recognize?

  • Rob Bishop