Why Is There An Anti-psychiatry Movement?

On February 18, the eminent psychiatrist Jeffrey Lieberman, MD, former President of the APA, published a video and transcript on Medscape.  The article was titled What Does the New York Times Have Against Psychiatry?, and was essentially a fatuous diatribe against Tanya Lurhmann, PhD, a Stanford anthropologist, who had written for the New York Times an op-ed article that was mildly critical of psychiatry.  The essence of Dr. Lieberman’s rebuttal was that an anthropologist had no business expressing any criticism of psychiatry, and he extended his denunciation to the editors of the NY Times. 

“Why would such a report be printed in a widely respected publication such as the New York Times? What other medical specialty would be asked to endure an anthropologist opining on the scientific validity of its diagnoses? None, except psychiatry. Psychiatry has the dubious distinction of being the only medical specialty with an anti-movement. There is an anti-psychiatry movement. You have never heard of an anti-cardiology movement, an anti-dermatology movement, or an anti-orthopedics movement.”

I have already written a critique of Dr. Lieberman’s paper, but my purpose today is to address the question:  why does psychiatry have an anti-movement?  In my view, there are ten reasons.

1. Psychiatry’s definition of a mental disorder/mental illness embraces virtually every significant problem of thinking, feeling, and/or behaving, and psychiatry has been using this definition to formally medicalize problems that are not medical in nature for more than a century, and particularly for the past four or five decades.

2.  Psychiatry routinely presents these labels as the causes of the specific problems, when in fact they are merely labels with no explanatory significance.

3.  Psychiatry has routinely deceived, and continues to deceive, their clients, the public, the media, and government agencies, that these vaguely defined problems are in fact illnesses with known neural pathology.

4.  Psychiatry has blatantly promoted drugs as corrective measures for these illnesses, when in fact it is well-known in pharmacological circles that no psychiatric drug corrects any neural pathology. In fact, the opposite is the case.  All psychiatric drugs exert their effect by distorting or suppressing normal functioning.

5.  Psychiatry has conspired with the pharmaceutical industry in the creation of a vast body of fraudulent research, all designed to “prove” the efficacy and safety of pharma products.

6.  A great many psychiatrists have shamelessly accepted pharma money for very questionable activities. These activities include the widespread presentation of infomercials in the guise of CEUs; the ghost-writing of books and papers which were actually written by pharma employees; paid psychiatric “thought leaders” who promote new drugs and diagnoses for pharma; acceptance of fraudulent advertising in peer-reviewed journals; acceptance of pharmaceutical money by the APA; targeting of captive and vulnerable audiences in nursing homes, group homes, and foster-care systems for prescription of psychiatric drugs; etc., etc…

In addition, 70% of the DSM-5 task force members had received funding from the pharmaceutical industry.

7.  Psychiatry’s spurious diagnoses are inherently disempowering. To tell a person, who in fact has no biological pathology, that he has an incurable illness for which he must take psychiatric drugs for life is an intrinsically disempowering act which falsely robs people of hope, and encourages them to settle for a life of drug-induced dependency and mediocrity.

8.  Psychiatry’s “treatments”, whatever transient feelings of well-being they may induce, are always destructive and damaging in the long-term, and are frequently administered involuntarily.

9.  Psychiatry’s spurious and self-serving medicalization of every significant problem of thinking, feeling, and/or behaving, effectively undermines human resilience, and fosters a culture of powerlessness, uncertainty, and dependency.  Relabeling as illnesses, problems which previous generations accepted as matters to be addressed and worked on, and harnessing billions of pharma dollars to promote this false message, is morally repugnant.

10.  Psychiatry neither recognizes nor accepts any limits on its expansionist agenda. In recent years, they have even stooped to giving neuroleptic drugs to young children, a “treatment”,  the long term effects of which, can only be guessed at.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

And that, Dr. Lieberman, is, at least for me, why psychiatry has an anti-movement.  Psychiatry as a profession is intellectually and morally bankrupt, and has consistently demonstrated a marked aversion to anything remotely akin to critical self-scrutiny.  There is nothing new in what I’ve written above.  All of these points have been made over and over, by numerous writers, including, even a small number of psychiatrists.  But the psychiatric leadership and the great majority of the rank and file, remain adamantly deaf and blind to these obvious shortcomings.  Indeed, psychiatry’s general response to any kind of criticism is to re-assert its core tenets with renewed determination, as if an increase in zeal could somehow compensate for a lack of logic and evidence.

And the reason that there is not an anti-cardiology movement, or an anti-dermatology movement, or an anti-orthopedics movement, is because these, and other legitimate medical specialties, are not guilty of the spurious, destructive, and deceptive practices outlined above.

It’s not us, Dr. Lieberman.  It’s you and your psychiatric colleagues who have created something so rotten and flawed that anti is the only appropriate stance consistent with human decency.

  • Kas Thomas

    These reasons are also why psychiatry has a well known (and now very serious) recruitment problem, with very few young physicians wanting to become psychiatrists, even though the money can be be quite good. This is a profession that has lost its mojo and trades on intellectual dishonesty. Congrats on a great post.

  • cledwyn goodpuddings

    I see Jeffrey Lieberman’s got a new book out, which is full of the kind of self-puffery one associates with quacks like he.

    His attacks on the critics really shouldn’t surprise us. This is a man who rose to the top of his profession, and who entertains a very high estimate of himself. Quacks like he are no more able to deal with criticism than are celebrities, and people in positions of power, who grow so accustomed to unqualified deference from others, their capacity to tolerate criticism abandons them. The power has gone to his head. From the Celestial heights of his self-regard, no doubt all this criticism seems absurd.

    How could anyone criticize he, Jeffrey Lieberman, the great man himself? Only a madman, a spreader of scientific anarchy, a truly despicable individual, that’s who. I can just hear him, referring to himself in the third person, “Jeffrey didn’t get where he was today tolerating criticism from others”, whilst striking the regal pose he customarily strikes when gazing proudly upon his own reflection.

    If there’s one thing that gives me the courage to put off suicide for another day, it’s the pleasure to be derived from puncturing the pomposity of self-important boobs like Lieberman, because make no mistake about it, people who are accustomed to deference from others, and who entertain grandiose ideas about themselves, are very sensitive to criticism, so that much amusement can be derived therefrom.

    He says of his Whiggish interpretation of psychiatric history (a veritable blackhole of historical truth) that it is complete and unvarnished. Pffff!!! His philosophical naivety here is quite embarrassing. Strictly speaking, one can’t write a complete, unvarnished history of anything, because of the limits of our knowledge, itself based upon the limits to the amount of documentation available, and even then there are all sorts of problems with the notion of a work of historiography that presents the complete, unvarnished truth, unmediated by the authors personal biases, desires, prejudices and intentions. And all in 300 or so pages! Perhaps he does this to impart an air of objectivity to an account of the history of his profession that is anything but objective. Such self-promotion is the hallmark of the conman.

    I’m not just anti-psychiatry, I have a real problem with the entire mental health faithful. Many of these fanatics are just compendia of all the worst human traits, such as intolerance, intellectual arrogance, hypocrisy, and the rest. They go around the internet spreading the detritus of their feckless, suicide-promoting existence, bent on tormenting others with their inability to accept diversity, anything to escape their tragicomic existence, in all its absolute buffoonery, because contemplation thereupon might give them cause for the shame anyone would swear they have never felt, given the despicable ways they comport themselves.

    Don’t get me wrong they are not all that bad, but most of them put one in mind of a bunch of sneering adolescents, whose mental apparatus is so underdeveloped, they are incapable of critical self-consciousness, leaving them free to luxuriate and exult in iniquity and depravity without anything as bothersome as self-awareness spoiling their fun. Yet they possess the foremost boon of foolishness, which is the superior bearing and confidence its possession affords. Stupidity emboldens, and to a proportionate extent, wisdom humbles, it seems.

    A big problem I have with psychiatry is one of its fundamental presuppositions, namely, that there is such a thing as a sane man. Yet man is a complete lunatic. It is one of the great absurdities of history that that which supposedly had as its objective the waging of a war on unreason, and the furthering of the cause of reason, was itself brought about by reason’s seemingly sempiternal slumber.

    To use Schopenhauer’s figuration of the relationship between the intellect and the will, the will (that is, man’s desires, cravings, appetites and passions, what we would perhaps in the modern age call, the subconscious) pursues the intellect like a taskmaster with a whip, in order so that it does its bidding. As long as the discursive faculty is subject to man’s desires, sentiments, longings, appetites and passions, then the man has no reason to think himself sane, which is not even to mention all the research in cognitive psychology showing just how riddled with biases and heuristics man is.

    Yet psychiatry perpetuates the notion that some are sane and some people aren’t, playing into the hands of all the small-minded, intolerant bigots and naive realists under whose yoke we must chafe, dignifying the lunacy of a mad herd, and on the basis of this invidious distinction, distributing right and privileges, proportioned to each as the measure of his sanity, or lack thereof, supposedly dictates.

  • cledwyn bulbs

    That shouldn’t have been “proudly upon his own reflection…”, but “lustfully”!

  • cledwyn goodpuddings

    That should be “rights”.

  • Sweet63

    “Real” medicine complicates the problem with its own collection of syndromes like CFS, fibromyalgia, Sjogrens etc. to satisfy patient/pharma demand. E.g.Mayo: “Chronic fatigue syndrome is a complicated disorder characterized by extreme fatigue that can’t be explained by any underlying medical condition.” Is it no wonder psychiatry took the ball and ran with it? Or did psychiatry originate this practice?

  • cledwyn goodpuddings

    Psychiatry’s failure to address the stigma of its diagnoses, and to truly try and remedy the effects of the negative cultural stereotype of the madman, doesn’t endear it to me either, to put it lightly.

    Diagnosing someone as “mentally ill”, or even worse, “seriously mentally ill”, can have disastrous repercussions for the individual so diagnosed, as any honest observer of the human comedy can see. One of these of course is active persecution, which is no respecter of the boundaries separating the different spheres of an individual’s existence, often penetrating into every aspect of his life, poisoning his relations with others, and, upon receipt of this diagnosis, shutting windows of opportunity hitherto open to him, precipitating a decline down the socio-economic scale, all of which (and this is by no means a comprehensive picture, obviously) can lead to the kind of self-loathing within which many of the very types of distress codified as mental illnesses in the DSM emerge, turning what are often temporary problems into chronic ones, problems also consolidated by the “treatments”, with their incapacitating long-term effects.

    When the hapless beneficiary of the care, concern and compassion of the psychiatrist (which takes on the form of destroying its recipient) isn’t being actively persecuted at work, at home, at school, at court, in the streets, or in the hospitals into which he was deceived into seeking asylum from the very things he would rediscover upon entry thereinto, he lives as a socially invisible being. As William James pointed out;

    “No more fiendish punishment could be devised, were such a thing physically possible, than that one should be turned loose in society and remain absolutely unnoticed by the members thereof. If no one turned round when we entered, answered when we spoke, or minded what we did, but if every person we met cut us dead, and acted as if we were non-existing things, a kind of rage and impotent despair would ere long well up within us, from which the cruelest bodily tortures would be a relief; for these would make us feel that, however bad might be our plight, we had not sunk to such a depth as to be unworthy of attention at all.”

    This, alas, is the fate of millions of the beneficiaries of institutional psychiatry’s humanitarian concern that is actually the concern of the predator for its prey. Of course, problems stemming from such exclusionary behavior and attitudes are recast as “mental illnesses”. The blame is put on some airy abstraction, and society, in collusion with institutional psychiatry, with which it partakes of a symbiotic relationship, can continue to do what it loves to do; to wit, tormenting others by excluding them, which may sometimes be the only option, but is often founded upon the desire to make others suffer.

    The beauty of the labeling by lay people and professionals of men and women psychiatric style is that it affords surreptitious passage to man’s cruelest appetites and desires, allowing the victimizer who makes use of such labels, for his own sinister ends, to present the malice and aggression with which he is possessed as a dispassionate explanation of the behavior of his victim. This explains the rise of the furor diagnosticus amongst lay people in their conflicts. Everywhere people are making use of psychiatric diagnoses for this reason.

    Another reason I hate institutional psychiatry is this suicide prevention nonsense. Psychiatry is part of the conspiracy, figuratively speaking, to convince people that life is worth living, when the practitioners thereof and the believers in its faith are in fact proof of the exact opposite. People declare their mystification regarding why it is other people top themselves. It is similar to the mystification of the tyrant who simply cannot conceive of the fact that those he oppresses are not grateful for it.

    This is the greatest fraud perpetrated upon the species.

    Psychiatry participates in this conspiracy because of the profit it derives therefrom, in “treating” people who otherwise might or threaten to commit suicide, for entirely rational reasons, and because the notion that we should be happy in this worst of all possible worlds brings the miserable masses to its front door.

    Institutionalized religion sponsors this monumental con because it provides the leaders with a theodicy for a god who gives proof of his boundless love for his creations through the many torments he visits upon them in his benevolence.

    A worldwide alliance of parents also sponsors this conspiracy of which I speak because the con rationalizes bringing children into this tragifarce, an act which actually smacks of nothing so much as the desire of those who toil in hell to drag those in heaven down into the inferno with them, yanking them from the blissful repose of nothingness and implicating the poor sods in their misery.

    And the last actor here is the government, which seeks to deceive us about the worth of life to make use of us for its own ends.

    I shall have more to say presently when time permits.

  • Sandra Lucas

    One of the best articles I have seen on this important issue, well written, with flawless reasoning. Thank you Dr. Hickey.

  • Anonymous

    Good article. Weaknesses include claiming psychiatry has been doing this for “decades”, the correct fact is centuries. Failure to mention psychiatry’s millions of acts of violence and human rights abuses in the realm of psychiatry forced on people against their will, surely counts against it too. Good though.

  • Phil_Hickey


    Thanks for this. I have been reading about the recruitment problems. Perhaps psychiatry will simply fade away from lack of interest!

  • James Bradley

    But he is wrong about biomedicine not having an anti-movement. It does. It always has. On the one hand the antis have been in the “alternative” lobby/systems (homoeopathy, mesmerism, hydropathy, chiro, naturopathy &c &c &c). On the other, they have been within medicine itself (see, for example, Cronin in the 1930s), or, indeed, and this will probably surprise a few people, the emergence of the Evidence-Based Medicine movement (Guyatt et al. 1992). And sometimes, anti-medicine has been every bit as strong as anti-psychiatry So psychiatry may have had an anti-psychiatry movement (and hopefully still has, given Lieberman’s utter inability to consider any psychodynamics, or indeed, his willingness to consign Laing to the dustbin of history, despite his groundbreaking work on schizophrenia before he achieved 60s-guru status); but medicine had Illich’s Medical Nemesis, and the whole critique of biomedical reductionism that then triggered Engel into launching the biopsychosocial model. Modern medical education has been founded upon a reaction to anti-medical critiques. And these critiques remain. The tension between evidence-based medicine and the biopsychosocial model can barely be contained. The epidemiologists and academic pharmacologists are up in arms against the corruption of big pharma. Biomedicine is vigorously critiqued from inside and outside. And when you look closely enough, the only difference between it and psychiatry, is that psychiatry is still struggling to identify the biomarkers that would indicate definitively that conditions like schizophrenia (of whatever variety) are biological in origin. Lieberman’s problem is that he is an absolutely appalling historian. He’s like Edward Shorter without a brain (or maybe that should be a mind). His latest book, “Shrinks”, is (in my vernacular) pants; I’m thinking of setting it as a case study in “how wrong can you get” for my class on the history of psychiatry. The thing is, there are quite a few psychiatrists out there who would agree with my diatribe (can’t name them ‘cos haven’t asked permission, so you’ll have to take this for granted). But at least my diatribe is informed and contextualised, unlike Lieberman’s, which is based upon misunderstanding, myth and fantasy. While the Lieberman’s of the world exist, anti-psychiatry will remain an essential weapon in helping to protect people who are suffering in the mind from the wolves of big pharma and the quacks on the committees who redraw the DSM.

  • all too easy

    Anyone? No one can offer evidence that ADHD has been treated successfully with discipline? How ’bout that? No surprise to those of us familiar with the antis. They pontificate endlessly about ADHD as a mere function of poor parenting. A woeful lack of good old-fashioned discipline, that be the problem. By definition ADHD cannot be the result or outcome of any thing else. All other possible, known causes are ruled out. (Phil doesn’t like to mention that DSM fact. Goes against his religion to disclose those kinds of things. Phil defines ADHD as a kid who is restless and fidgety sometimes.)

    Who knows what the ADA is and how it protects the rights of those who qualify under its legal umbrella?

    Est mola tarda dei, verum molit illa minutim

  • Phil_Hickey


    Thanks for coming back. I don’t know if they originated it, but they’ve certainly become the leading “experts.”.


  • Phil_Hickey


    Thank you for your support.

  • all too easy

    It is part of the massive conspiracy to conquer the world by out doing the drug cartels in making converts. As documented previously, Bernie and his drinking and gambling pals conceived the diabolical plot after a long night of brainstorming. So far, they have succeeded with one third of the world’s population. The tri-lateral fanatics ain’t pleased. They see conspiracy nuts everywhere.

  • all too easy

    You delay ending it all because the pompous are sensitive to criticism. You thereby push back the inevitable for just one more shot at someone’s self worth because he is too full of himself. That you personally are so important in tearing apart a person’s self-esteem, that it is your criticism that inflicts such horrible devastation in a pompous slob, is indeed a divine rationale not to give up on the futility of life. Carry on!

  • all too easy

    That should be Amen and amen, world without end. Glory!

  • Sandra Lucas

    You are the one deserving of the thanks. There is much emotion surrounding this issue, understandably so, but a sound and collected reasoning is important if we are to reach more than those who are already aware of the abuses.

  • all too easy

    That should be “unlike I, the greatest of all here on earth and in the heavens above, unequalled, unparalled, unmatched in beauty, wisdom, and devotion to my magnificent, holy, omnipotent, sinless self, praise me, amen!”

  • Anonymous

    “The thing is, there are quite a few psychiatrists out there who would agree with my diatribe (can’t name them ‘cos haven’t asked permission, so you’ll have to take this for granted).”

    We are constantly told of these hidden armies of skeptical psychiatrists, these gutless cowards, content to earn the big bucks and take society’s mindless deference to their prestige, content to initiate violence in the form of forced drugging and sectioning against innocent people… a big pharma, or a DSM committee, doesn’t initiate violence against me, doesn’t threaten to rape my brain, but the gutless cowards, the average shrink on the ground far away from pharma board rooms, far away from APA committees, is quite content to sleep at night after ordering a stranger’s brain forcibly pickled in neuroleptics as their helpless quarry begs not to be injected and screams out in terror.

    This violence existed even in capatilism-free, big pharma-free soviet Russia, DSM-free soviet Russia, all that was needed and all that remains needed are people willing to believe they can see in the world things such as “conditions like schizophrenia”. I’m sorry, I don’t see “conditions like schizophrenia”, I see people who have thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviors that seem bizarre and mystifying to the majority, above all, when I see such things, I see people, I see the full spectrum of human experience and life’s extremes on display, I don’t see “conditions”, those that do claim to see “conditions”, I believe to be operating on “misunderstanding, myth and fantasy” as much as the persons you’re speaking about having a “condition” are operating on misunderstanding, myth and fantasy. Just because millions believe “bizarreness=illness”, that doesn’t make it any more true than one man’s CIA delusion.

    It doesn’t matter if one is using 2013’s DSM 5 name-calling, or Bleuler’s name-calling from 100 years before, it’s all nonexplanatory crap, and there never has been any good reason to believe that there is a fundamental difference in kind, elevating it to “medical condition” in the thought of believing in Jesus compared to the thought of believing you are Jesus, or the thought of believing in the goodness/badness of the CIA and believing you ought to personally acutely fear personal attention from the CIA. What is it with this world, when a belief or thought seems so “bizarre” it automatically must be a “condition”?

    The softest of softcore surface-scratching, is the mere, and not even groundbreakingly helpful, loss of faith in DSM and big pharma. There are far more world-shattering, millions of lives-destroying mistakes/dogmas/fundamentally flawed interpretations going on in these recent centuries of believing in the existence of “mental illness” than mere nosology battles and pharma payola. As someone forced to live in fear from true tyranny, cops dragging me out of my home when I’ve broken no law, losing my fundamental human right to bodily integrity at any moment, being killed potentially, having my body assaulted and flooded with toxic drugs at the drop of a hat using violent force sanctioned by the whole society and whole government, I’m infinitely, words cannot express how infinitely, more concerned about the billions of people who are willing to sell my human rights down the river and believe extreme, inhuman violence against law-abiding citizens is justified, simply on the basis of the content of that person’s thoughts, than I am about “pharma wolves” and “DSM committee quacks”.

    I’m concerned about the wolves training at the police academy today, and the wolves sitting in your class, that are going to go out and rape peoples brains with drugs and commit atrocities that the world sees as “people getting the help they are too sick to see they need”. I’m concerned about a world so gullible, so infantile, that it literally believes with all the fervor of a 9/11 hijacker, that strange, unusual, extreme, bizarre, mystifying, alien, abnormal, overwhelmed, desperate, fantastical = “sick”. And not only that, I couldn’t give a shit how many billions of people think I am “sick”, how many cult members chant in unison their tragic mindless belief in “sickness of the mind”, I only care that they are so inhuman, so fanatical, as to use violence or empower their governments to use violence, to force that absurd belief not only on me, but into my living, conscious brain while I scream out and beg them not to, when I’ve broken no law, forcing me to live in constant fear and terror for the rest of my life.

    “The legitimate
    powers of government extend to such acts only as are injurious to
    others. But it does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are twenty
    gods, or no god. It neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg.”

    — Thomas Jefferson, Notes on the State of Virginia, 1781-82

    It does me no injury if some fool believes the extremes of human thought ought to be framed as “mental illness”, but the moment I’m being manhandled and having my body invaded, my brain raped, on the basis of said fool’s belief, that crosses the line into atrocity. It does me no injury for my neighbor to say there are 400 DSM labels or no DSM labels, it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg. But when that neighbor is a voter who supports “mental hospital” goons pulling down my pants and holding me down and injecting me with toxic fluids against my will, that is injurious to me in the extreme, and I will continue decrying this atrocity until my final day on this planet. And continue mourning the permanent injury to my connection to the rest of society and even humanity that this betrayal has inflicted.

    Don’t kid yourself that the ISIS controlled territories are the only place right now where you’ll be strong-armed into converting to a religion. I looked you up, you teach at Melbourne University, this is true in almost every city in the world, but not several kilometers from where you sit, human beings are forced to “confess!” that their thoughts and beliefs are “symptoms”, forced to mouth and degradingly submit to the belief system of their violent attackers, lest they be kept in solitary confinement, euphemistically called “seclusion”, lest they be forcibly drugged long-term in their own homes, euphemistically called “community treatment orders”. Far be it from merely the situation of “still struggling for biomarkers” being the only difference between this vile profession of quacks and real medicine, psychiatry literally has the terror, the violent terror, that it perpetrates against millions globally, at the core of its power and the opposition that surrounds it.

    And what the fuck would a biomarker for the thought called “believing you’re Jesus” tell us about etiology in a human life so symbolically rich and infinitely complex as modern civilization? Nothing. A feral child can develop a tumor, that has biomarkers, even if she’s been raised in a kennel and neglected to the point of total nonverbality. I highly doubt, that she can spontaneously develop the fake “disease” of believing she’s the second coming or a CIA target. The fruitless search in somatic psychiatry is fruitless for a reason, there is no purely bodily reason for the people you claim have a “condition” believing strange things, any more than there is a purely bodily reason for a man wearing a neck tie or thinking they are a “winner” or a “loser”.

    It’s not psychiatry’s “thought leaders” we need to be afraid of, it is the thought-LESS drones all around us that stand by as violence and dehumanization in the name of the psychiatry cult go on all around them. As for some gutless coward psychiatrist who plays skeptic, plays opposed to big pharma behind the scenes, feigns concern over “psychiatry getting carried away” while paying the mortgage and putting the kids through private school with the violence and iatrogenically mangled biology of the “mental patients” he kicks in the fucking frontal lobes with CTOs, forced “diagnosis” and sectioning, such scum are beneath contempt. Beneath contempt.

    Some of the people you rub shoulders with, do belong in prison, not just the American “thought leaders”, some of the people in Melbourne. They destroy innocent lives as much as any violent criminal. To even posit that the only difference between real medicine and psychiatry is the failed, fruitless “biomarker hunt”, just reaffirms how invisible psychiatry’s violence is to academics, which of course, is heartbreaking, but unsurprising since we learn the hardest way from day 1 when we are perma-defamed and thrown into the “mental patient” role, thrown out of the human race, how much the other humans give a shit about the violence done to us in their name by psychiatry, not a jot.

    The average person, wholeheartedly supports the forced drugging archipelago that has been erected in this world, in every city, they just love having a place where they can chuck the crazies, who are thinking and saying crazy shit, doing crazy shit, and they love having a government that will stick a needle in those people and make them shut the fuck up, that is all they want, us to shut the fuck up and go away and remain in the memory hole of inhumanity they’ve mentally assigned us to in their mental schemas and social hierarchies, after all,

    …some guy in the news shot up the school with a rifle, some uncle they had believed nutty things, seeing some homeless guy ruined their day for a second, the newspaper had a shiny picture of an fMRI, and the responsible, accurate, trustworthy mainstream media just said they found a gene for “schizophrenia”, so all is well in this city, all is well. Sleep safe in your beds, nobody is being tortured in psychiatric facilities every minute of the day globally, nobody is being thrown out of the human race, these people ARE sick, it’s all been proven, it’s all science, it’s all established fact, it’s all discoveries and breakthroughs and any drug thrown into an unexamined human brain that affects its functioning is a “medication” if those seen to have authority say it is, it’s all fine,

    …if someone gets prison for a crime instead of locked in a building by psychiatrists and forcibly drugged, then sending them to prison is inhumane, and the “hospital” isn’t a prison it’s just a “hospital” that happens to have bars and high walls, if we feel “too many” elderly and kids are on these drugs that’ll be called “over”medicating implicit within the term is that a certain undefined amount of this drugging is necessary and right, particularly for the “real crazies who are just going totally nuts”, everything is fine, go back to sleep, psychiatry is just a “young science” and it is “doing its best”, “give it a break”, these people “are trying”, they aren’t dogmatic fanatical closed-minded violent human rights abusing name-calling drug-dispensing pharma bought and paid for biological determinist simpletons trained with a rote-learned mindless circular-logic-infused, fundamentally flawed model of quackery, no they are a “awaiting more research money, more breakthroughs, helping save lives from bona fide medical problems”…

    After all, “My aunt acted funny, she had to go to an institution you don’t know anything about mental illness if you did you wouldn’t say that, try spending a day working with these people dealing with these people try being a cop dealing with these people try working in a hospital dealing with these people if you ever did you would know its a real illness you are saying its not real how dare you you’re a scientologist OK Tom Cruise go jump on a couch lol yeah all the psychiatrists in the world are wrong and you’re right good one that’s rich take your meds you’re off your meds you fucking schizo you people shouldn’t be allowed to breed you have anosognosia you’re just too diseased or in denial to see how diseased your brain is there are MRI studies now, you don’t even fucking know what you’re talking about you hate the mentally ill because you don’t want them to get help you don’t care about the mentally ill as much as I do you fucking psycho nutbar schizo psychotic mental patient how dare you say its not a real illness I’ve know plenty of people who stopped being crazy when they took medication and got worse when they stopped taking it how do you explain that Einstein? I suppose you don’t believe in global warming either? No you’re just too mentally ill to see that all my beliefs in mental illness are true and obvious, accepted fact, look it up! Google it! Go read a fucking scientific study once in a while, look, here, here’s a link, from the NIMH, it proves your brain is diseased, look! Here’s another link! It proves what you have is genetic, don’t deny it! Don’t be ridiculous, give every single patient an MRI or test every single patient’s genes? That would be too expensive that is why they don’t do that, it’s proven they don’t need to test your brain, look here’s a link to the study, there are tens of thousands of these studies why would there be tens of thousands of studies saying your brain has a chemical imbalance if you don’t have a chemical imbalance douche bag? OK Tom Cruise (rolls eyes, universal crazy hand sign index finger around and around head), OK Tom Cruise, yep, go jump on Oprah’s couch you hate the mentally ill if you don’t believe their brain is diseased and that they are ill and have a real illness you hate the homeless too and you hate the parents of the mentally ill and blame them and you are nothing but a scientologist yeah I’ll take the word of the experts over you, cite the evidence! cite me one peer reviewed study from any recognized member of the APA who says mental illness isn’t an illness, go on, do it!”

    Note to Mr. Melbourne University academic, not all of that was directed explicitly at you, I like to riff in a general way sometimes.

  • Anonymous

    On the money as always Cledwyn very good.

  • all too easy

    I have to agree with you. These people have nothing better to do with their lives than to persecute you. They found their calling seeking out people they could label as nuts because there was big moolah to be made in the field of name calling.

    When Martians told me there would be days like this, I was one of the few EarthLings to sign up for green men relief international. Personally, I don’t care if they are pinko commies or not. They have as much right to a piece of the Big Cheese as any rat prescribing draino as hi ho silver away to Armageddon and back before soupy sales kisses Blacktooth on the lips. So you better knock it off! Or i”m tellin

  • all too easy

    That should be, “I knowest all thingies, even unto the setting of the sun and the jumping of thine grasshoppers, my darling sweet pea.”

  • Phil_Hickey


    Thanks for an interesting perspective.

  • Phil_Hickey


    Thanks for the reminders. I’ve made appropriate changes to the text.

  • all too easy

    That should read, “the average shrink on the ground far away from pharma board rooms, far away from APA committees, is quite content to sleep at night after ordering a stranger’s brain forcibly pickled in neuroleptics as their helpless quarry begs not to be injected and screams out in terror.” include their individual names and addresses. Perpetrating such indiscriminate violence for no legitimate and no legal reason requires swift action by counsel for civil and criminal adjudication, yesterday. Please be specific. We need to identify exactly who committed these unspeakable acts to prosecute them. Hurry. Name them now, otherwise, your melodramatic, chronic whining does nothing but make you look clownish.

  • cledwyn goodpuddings

    Another I thing I take issue with about the mental health movement is the bullying of heretics and the hypocritical refashioning of this aggression as the protestations of the victims. This is especially common amongst believers in ADHD, who love to take offense because doing so in our society affords surreptitious passage to the desire to control and persecute others.

    Yet, as I’ve already said, few things bother me so much as the coercive prohibition of suicide. This frankly necessitates an anti-position for any man who understands that the very fact that people DO kill themselves is proof that life is hell, the best riposte possible to all the Panglossian optimists and just-worlders, after all, as David Hume said, “I believe that no man ever threw life away while it was worth keeping. For such is our natural horror of death, that small motives will never be enough to reconcile us to it…”.

    Suicide prohibition is just a big racket.

    Short of members of the mental health movement killing themselves en masse, along with all our politicians, teachers, advertising execs., and all the rest of the people whose suicide would no doubt contribute to the sum total of human happiness, then, short of this, suicide prevention cannot work. Now, I’m not psychiatrists shouldn’t kill themselves…. no, but seriously, suicide prevention can’t work, and anyway, as I’ve said, it’s a big racket in an age when people will try to make money out of anything, including forcing a man to go on living a life that is little more than cruel hoax, a colossal deception, a tragi-farce, directed by an idiot.

    There is good reason why you will find on a man’s gravestone (along with all the nonsense put on there by family members blinded by love to just how much of a swine their beloved likely was) the abbreviation of the words, Requiescat In Pace. It is only in death that man finds peace. Not even in sleep does he find it, instead only rediscovering the very torments he seeks refuge from in his waking hours. In life, the will, that veritable force majeure, comprised of all our longings, desires, appetites, sentiments and passions, pursues man like some creature in a nightmare, or as Schopenhauer said, like a taskmaster with a whip.

    To seek emancipation from this, and all the indignities and humiliations we are subjected to by others, and from all the agony that convulses the human heart, is perfectly reasonable. The man who would not interfere with another man’s attempt to free himself from the unbearable torment of being, stands in the same relation to the man who would stop him as does a liberator to a slavemaster.

    “I would not be a party to that last and meanest unkindness, treachery to a would-be suicide. My sympathies have been with the suicide for many, many years. I am always glad when the suicide succeeds in the undertaking. I always feel a genuine pain in my heart, a genuine grief, a genuine pity, when some scoundrel stays the suicide’s hand and compels him to continue his life.”

    Mark Twain

  • cledwyn goodpuddings

    That should be “I’m not saying psychiatrists shouldn’t….”

  • Sweetie

    Everyone is sensitive to criticism.

  • Sweetie

    Teenagers who commit suicide because they are bullied and not adequately given a sense of self-worth should not be just considered detritus. The bigotry that compels the suicidality is what needs to be dealt with.

    The mind of an adolescent is not fully developed. It’s ridiculous to recognize that childhood and adolescence exist without also taking measures to protect those people from their tendency to make mistakes.

    Furthermore, suicidality is irrational unless you are in a state of extreme relentless physical pain or will be in such a state for a long period of time in the near future. Mental pain can be dealt with constructively, such as by relocation.

  • The Right Hon. Cledwyn

    Of course, proponents of suicide prohibition, one of many crimes against humanity perpetrated by institutional psychiatrists, say that it is imperative psychiatrists have the power to intervene when the potential suicide is in a confused state. This leaves a very wide window of opportunity open for those who practice existential slavery.

    For example, even in the British Psychological Society’s paper on psychosis, the supposed necessity of leaving psychiatrists with discretionary powers they can exercise whenever they deem a situation an emergency (and of course, people who exercise such powers, because of whatever profit they and the institution to which they belong derive therefrom, have a tendency to see emergencies everywhere), and with the god-like prerogative of deciding in matters of life and death, even by critics like these, it is taken for granted, when, that is, the person is deemed to be “confused” (as I have argued, I would say that when people resolve upon the course of action under discussion, it is because they see the reality of human existence, and the conditions and laws that obtain therein, all too clearly!).

    The writers even use the weasel words, “I think most people are in agreement…”, as if this somehow has any bearing on the truth of the matter, which, insofar as this might be the case, can only be said to impoverish arguments in favor of existential slavery, because rarely in matters pertaining to ethics and other fields of axiological study can it be said that widespread agreement is to be taken as a reliable indicator of truth.

    One problem with this notion of confusion is that it is defined in a circular manner, and is actually a variation on the recurring theme in pro-psychiatric discourse of the putative lack of insight of some mental patients wherewith the conclusion is arrived at that the denominated patient must be restrained for his own good.

    The very fact that, absent evidence of physical suffering situated at the furthest extremity of a spectrum thereof, anyone would want to commit suicide, is taken as evidence of confusion, leaving existential slavemasters with a large pool of potential conscripts from which to choose and from whose misery they can profit from.

    We never talk of confusion when the person is experiencing some happy state, some fleeting transport of joy or access of euphoria, no. Who would want to emancipate himself from service to the will? What kind of person wouldn’t feel blessed to be saddled with that flickering phantasmagoria of frustrated desires, humiliating memories, nauseating sensory impressions, and self tormenting thoughts we call human consciousness? Who would want to escape the spasms and convulsions with which the heart is daily beset, the pain of unrequited love, rejection, abandonment, betrayal, and the absurdity of reality, serious contemplation whereupon is enough to drive any man “nuts” and leave him longing for that blissful repose we call nothingness from which he is thoughtlessly, and sometimes cruelly, awoken? Why, only a confused madman!

    All knowledge discoveries in the modern age and philosophical speculations of any cogency converge on the same life-negating conclusions; human life is a Sisyphean slog; people live in a perpetual cycle of ephemeral pleasure followed by pain, the latter preponderating greatly over the former in terms both of intensity and duration, not forgetting the cycle of anticipation followed by the disillusionment of realization; life is absurd, and the existence of man of no more significance than that of an amoeba, a life we seemingly have no more intelligible reason for persisting in than does a deaf-blind, legless cow, riddled with BSE, have for persisting in hers; men are generally found to be swines, content to luxuriate in depravity’s and vulgarity’s toxic climes, beasts who prey upon each other like wolves, and intolerant bigots withal; virtue hides, degeneracy thrives.

    If god does exist, then he’s a bored sadist, and man, who he has cruelly endowed with a mental apparatus that gives him little rest from emotional pain, with faculties he presses into the service of his own self-torture, man, is the butt of his cruelest jokes, who must deal with his terrible predicament of being of no more significance than the flea, yet, unlike the flea, he has been cruelly endowed with the capacity to contemplate his own insignificance, cursed to struggle pointlessly to find positive meaning in this fever dream we call life.

    Men declare their mystification as to why other men commit suicide, yet the only thing that might be said to be mystifying is that we aren’t all doing it. How many men would make it past adolescence if all they had to do to escape life was press a button? I don’t think there is even a single man who at some point wouldn’t choose to press that button, and he’d be right to. Our will to live is extorted under the pressure of our terror of pain.

    Such people (suicides that is) are not confused, but in resolving to kill themselves are operating under the influence of a very strong motive to free themselves from pain incompatible with life, pain which allows them to muster the almost superhuman willpower required to inflict a fatal wound upon themselves, against which the body naturally (and treacherously) recoils, pain which renders all the panaceas and nostrums proffered by spiritual and secular religions, and all the empty formulas of the self-help industry, with its ever-replenishing fount of nonsense, utterly useless. It is just a horrible fact of life, I would say, that immense suffering is inescapable and that therefore death can be said to be, at least often, eminently preferable to life, but people have a tendency to “find” meaning and hope in life that experience, alas, doesn’t confer.

    They, the proponents of suicide prohibition, also claim that there is a moral imperative to stay the potential suicide’s hand, after all, life is beautiful, they say, and whatever other idee recues people spout when, on the subject of life, they stop using their brains. This is like saying there is a moral imperative to stop a person trying to escape from the Gulag.

    Me, I feel great happiness when I think of the man who has escaped from a life in which suffering, humiliation and disillusionment are the lot of all men of a nobler stamp. In a world cut to the requirements of men who view life as one big hunting- ground, where no virtue and no good deed goes unpunished, what, pray tell, is it that makes suicide prevention so compassionate? Why shouldn’t man wish to escape a world in which men of wisdom and superior virtue are always martyrs, laughed at by idiots and hounded by the very species such people are unfortunate to belong to? Optimism, as a philosophical position, it seems to me, is truly the finest flowering of human stupidity.

    Not that I am against people using the gentle arts of persuasion, and of trying to comfort such a person in a such a state, but to use violence and force against them is the height of depravity.

    If I saw such a person, I would exercise due discretion and keep my pessimism to myself, obviously.

    If there is one thing that can be said to make life worth living it is to bear witness against a depraved world, and to avenge oneself in some way thereby. The world may be a horrible place for anyone other than those of a Panglossian cast of mind who doesn’t base their understanding thereof on some a priori conception of it which experience stands in ironic contrast to, but in writing about it, and all those who either profit from it or who qualify its every evil and absurdity as something good, as all for the best in this the best of all possible infernos, one can at least derive some small measure of happiness thereby.

    One can also find solace in the work of the great geniuses who stared into the abyss over which our lives are suspended, your Schopenhauers, your Bergmans, your Shakespeares, your Flauberts, your Becketts, and when you aren’t listening to the sound of your own cries echoing in the void, you can, like they often did, have a good laugh at just how utterly tragically absurd everything is. And that’s the only thing that keeps us going, being able to laugh every now and then, when the tear ducts have dried up (and mine dried up years ago, so that life has mercilessly deprived me of the cathartic pleasure that crying affords), at the tragi-comedy that is human existence.

  • all too easy

    You are so funny. That should read, “Dog! I plan to win the upbeat, most enjoyable dude to be around, Mr good time of the year award. Never encountered misery I didn’t wallow in.”

  • cledwyn bulbs

    To understand why it is life simply isn’t worth the effort, the Myth of Sisyphus is illustrative, presenting as it does in allegorical form what seems to be the meaning of existence, or perhaps I should say, the lack thereof.

    Sisyphus is condemned by the gods to ceaselessly pushing a boulder to the top of mountain, only to watch it tumble back down to the bottom upon arrival.

    The message is simple. For one, it instructs us that struggling constitutes the innermost kernel of existence, yet all struggling is ultimately vain. The boulder symbolizes our existential burden, and the fact that Sisyphus must struggle alone symbolizes man’s alienation. The sheer grinding, soul-deadening monotony of the task speaks to our own existential condition, cursed as we are to go through the same routines, both internal and external, every sodding day, to see the same places, do the same things, experience the same pain-inducing spasms of desire, the same frustrations, to see the same faces, many of them maliciously stupid and almost grotesque in their sinister inhumanity; the same indignities in which past grievances, and their emotional baggage, are resurrected ever afresh, conjured in full relief before our eyes to torture us anew; the same buildings; and at least for some of us, the same taedium vitae; the same nausea; and to hear the same insipidities etc. etc..

    Yet perhaps most interesting is the disproportion, both in terms of intensity and duration, between pleasure and pain, symbolized in the marked disparity between, on the one hand, the exertion and time invested in pushing the boulder up hill, and the intense pain we derive therefrom; and on the other, the paltry amount of pleasure we feel in reward of this, as the boulder rolls quickly down the hill we spent so much time pushing it up.

    As Schopenhauer understood, it is this imbalance, and the extortionate price at which human existence values pleasure, that testifies to the vanity of all human struggle and the importance of the denial of the will-to-live, this force majeure that leaves so much destruction, internal and external, in its wake.

    Nevertheless, like the character Winnie in Samuel Beckett’s allegory of man’s existential condition, “Happy Days”, as we are gobbled up by the quicksands of time, slowly, but oh so painfully, we nevertheless tell ourselves that these are happy days.

    Men have this inborn will-to-live under the compulsion of which man is pressed into its service. The source of man’s fundamentally optimistic and quintessentially delusional outlook on life is the subordination of the intellect to the will, which is a kind of raging furnace of desires, emotions, longings, and appetites, at the bidding of which the intellect fabricates justifications which experience doesn’t confer and whereon our delusions about life, I would say, are founded.

    (Although, of course, it’s possible that I am delusional here. Unlike members of the mental health movement, I acknowledge my fallibility, as opposed to merely, as they do, paying verbal homage thereto, precautions against which fallibility are rarely taken by such people, as seen in the violent imposition of their worldviews, of which the phenomenon of suicide prohibition affords one example, although of course one musn’t ignore the immense profit derived from the practice of existential slavery, and of course the understandable concern of family members).

    No matter the measure of adversity afforded by our existence and the immense crappiness of the suffering and torment that obtains therein, such is the extent of the tyrannical influence the will wields over its slave the intellect, as Schopenhauer shows, rare is it to find a man who is not, to paraphrase Voltaire, grateful for the serpent that devours him, and what is life if not a serpent that devours us, or a big fat spider that entangles us in its web, torments us for so long, and then greedily gobbles us up?

    The intellect, as Schopenhauer points out, stands in the same relation to the will as does a slave to a slavemaster, and what is one of the main characteristics of such imbalanced power relations? That whoever is on the wrong side thereof internalizes the desires of the more powerful relation, in consequence of which, even in the face of overwhelming evidence it would seem that human existence is a tragi-farce over which the curtain should have been drawn a long time ago, men come to believe that la vie est belle and the world a just place, and men tell themselves they are happy, when they are not, though allowance should perhaps be made for the possibility that the stupid and the corrupt live in a comparative state of beatitude, cut as the world is to their requirements.

    Everywhere, tens of millions of people flood the offices of psychiatrists because life is so goddamned horrible. Yet few in the mental health industry acknowledge that this the main source of human misery. All over the place people are killing themselves in a despair-fueled orgy of suicide, yet we think to ourselves, what a wonderful world!, dismissing such people as mad and confused, anything to avoid the ugly reality to which the act of suicide bears witness. Only people that delusional could call themselves sane. I mean, there are people out there so sickened with existence (whose protestations against an absurd, cruel world I have sought to rescue from oblivion by restoring the act to its proper meaning as an expression of indignation in the face of cruel experience), they don’t just kill themselves, but purposefully choose the most violent methods, perhaps in order to make some sort of shocking artistic statement about how awful life is. Sometimes I am so wracked with torment, I just want to run into the bathroom and disembowel myself with a razor blade, or go out to the woods, tie my head to a tree, and drive away at a hundred miles per hour, just for the sheer catharsis of the act.

    It is with good reason that a beatific expression is often to be found on the faces of the elderly. The will begins to loosen its grip on the individual, the libido wanes, desire begins to depart, and the faculties of memory and imagination, which renew for us ever afresh emotions, passions, grievances, and images, deliverance from which is to be hoped for, begin to fade, leading to a palpable sense of relief, as a life time of wrestling with the will mercifully draws to its close.

    Continuing my discussion of how a clear view of life provides little occasion for a love thereof, look at nature. Any man of sensitivity would recoil from an examination of its ways (unlike your average scientist, who is filled with awe and admiration at the depraved spectacle nature presents to the eye, like a man, who having visited a Nazi death camp in Poland while they were still in use, or having visited the scene of some such other depravity to which nature is indifferent, marvels at the advanced technology of the gassing facilities and crematoria).

    Look at the food chain. In almost every rank thereof it is found that the animal that suckles nature’s plenteous bosom for sustenance is also poisoned thereby. What an absurd fate! To be invited to feast at a banquet whereat one is also the feast! Such treachery, in any man, would excite contempt, but with nature, it occasions only admiration.

    And it’s no different with us;

    “We fatten up all creatures to feed ourselves, and we fatten ourselves for the worms to eat when we’re dead.”


    Each creature fattens itself in preparation to its being delivered over to the belly of another.

    It is no wonder that throughout history men, in seeking to justify their depravity, have invoked the will of nature.

  • all too easy

    Thanks Clodwynn.
    You kill me. When I want I a good laugh, your wordy melancholic rantings on everything sour and bitter and horrible do the trick. I only wish you would try harder. There’s got to be more to whine about.
    Have you examined the virtues of self-pity? See what you can do with that topic. I for one would love to read your thoughts about how we can learn to perfect it..
    Have a miserable day if you can manage to do so. I realize happiness is something you find repulsive. Dwell in the darkness and pain,
    Bad luck,
    all too easy

  • Annie Arthur

    What’s the difference between organized psychiatry and organized crime??
    Answer: One is legal and one is not legal.

  • all too easy

    What do you think of the Mets’ chances this year? Whom do you like in the Final Four? Care to make it interesting? How about a little action on the Kentucky semi-final?
    Keep smiling

  • cledwyn bulbs

    One of the greatest evils of organized psychiatry is its denial, enshrined in the bio-genetic model, of the interpersonal origins of much of the psychic pain it encounters, and its ongoing complicity in the machinations of victimizers who endeavor thereby to avoid being held accountable for their actions.

    Psychiatry, as I’ve said before, makes a pretense of running with the hare, but in truth it more often hunts with the hounds. Throughout history, stress has been laid on the biological, genetic, and dispositional dimensions of human suffering precisely because psychiatry’s true client is rarely the victim, and this provides an effective vehicle for the process of denying the psychic pain inflicted upon men by their fellows.

    True, not all of this institutionalized victim-blaming is intentional, and of course, there are certain diagnoses aimed at specific classes of victimizers, such as Narcissistic Personality disorder, and Psychopathic personality disorder, or whatever it is called, but these are not distributed evenly and equitably amongst the population across the entire socio-economic spectrum.

    Indeed, vultures of a higher social-status are, on this matter, granted special dispensation from the golden rule and the obligations binding for all other citizens, having attained to a position whence they can can inflict suffering on others with relative impunity on the condition that a veil of hypocrisy is cast thereover, as is the custom amongst predators of a higher social status.

    Nevertheless even when there is no incentive and a consequent intent to deny the interpersonal origins of psychic suffering, the tendency is to side with the victimizers, to explain away serious mental distress in terms amenable to the interests of such people, because one of the basic assumptions of the mental illness model is that the mental reality of the person afflicted with these so-called diseases does not correspond greatly to reality itself, that it has no real firm anchorage in the objective world of the patient, leading to the injustice of people, whose paranoia (and of course, paranoia does not emerge ex nihilo, but when there isn’t a simple one-to-one correspondence between the fear and its occasion, which instead assumes dimensions disproportionate in relation to its cause, rarely because of any known brain disease, but because of the paralyzing influence of fear on judgement), depression, and trauma emerged within their own personal history, having their brains blamed for their problems, whilst the victimizers get off scot free.

    Which is, of course, exactly what the victimizer wants. Such people try to fill the void of their feckless existence with the depraved entertainment afforded by the infliction of suffering of others. Thereupon they set to work in trying to ensure that the person who they have treated as a mere means to their own depraved ends, as a mere extension of their own contemptible existence, is blamed for his problems.

    This can be seen when the victimizer is confronted by the intended or actual victim. The victimizer takes umbrage, and in his boundless cunning and irresponsibility, assumes a victim posture himself and, consistent with the function of the lexicon of lunacy and the terms contained therein, often accuses the other of madness, a strategy employed often, no doubt reflexively and beneath the threshold of consciousness, by men who prey upon their fellows, both for the benefit of the predator, and in trying to enlist the sympathies and support of his audience.

    Men are never so innocent as when they are confronted with their own guilt. This can be seen when, in response to the many indignities to which the outsider in every society (who is like some sort of lord of the rats-like figure; everywhere he goes, the vermin follow him) is exposed, he confronts his tormentor, who then proceeds to take umbrage and accuse he whom he attacks, without provocation and for his own depraved amusement, of being the one with the problem.

    Now, this is of course bad enough. But one of the great evils of psychiatric theory is that people who would otherwise be disposed to help the victim, end up often being unwittingly enlisted in the cause of the victimizer. This applies to both lay people and psychiatrists. The victim, overwhelmed emotionally, displays in his behavior the trappings that traditionally have become associated with madness, so he is disbelieved. To the trauma of being tormented by others is added the additional trauma of being disbelieved by lay and professional observers.

    Indeed, such is the influence negative stereotypes wield over the minds of the mass-mindless, that people will come to the defence of victimizers because the victim is, say, black, or because he reacts in such a way as fosters the suspicion amongst observers that he is mad. Fillmmaker Michael Haneke illustrated this in his film, “Code Unknown”, in which a white man throws a piece of rubbish at a homeless person, for which the perpetrator is confronted by a black man who, because of pervasive stereotypes about black people, is deemed by observers to be the criminal, and is carted off in a police van.

    Of course, psychiatrists being victimizers themselves, they are not immune to this kind of victim-blaming, so one cannot expect such people to show any great interest in this phenomenon and therefore to possess an advanced understanding thereof.

  • Jeff Kelly

    Yes, Psychiatry originated this practice.

  • Jeff Kelly

    Excellent post there. The “believers” in the pro-Psychiatry religion–which is what it is–of course will not be moved, swayed, or persuaded into believing otherwise, which only fuels its mad existence.

  • Ulrich Weihler

    They are now implementing nano technologies to make people crazy in order to be right and prescribe their nice medications. https://weihler.wordpress.com/

  • Psystrat

    Have you ever heard about something like that and have an idea who could help me? https://psystrat.wordpress.com/2016/07/26/behaviorism-and-nanotechnologies/

  • Philip Benjamin

    Where I come from the response has been to induce overseas trained psychiatrists with outrageous salaries to leave their home countries to feed the system with compulsory treatment orders and prescriptions for psych meds, leaving their (usually) developing countries with fewer and fewer psychiatrists

  • Phil_Hickey


    What a tragedy for your area!

  • Johny Concern

    Its sicking and ruining rhe lives of thousands.

  • Walter Keim

    According to international UN standards forced drugging is toture. Call for Stop Torture in Psychiatry http://home.broadpark.no/~wkeim/files/stop-torture-an.html

  • lucdebry

    Point # 10. – “Psychiatry neither recognizes nor accepts any limits on its expansionist agenda. In recent years, they have even stooped to giving neuroleptic drugs to young children, a “treatment”, the long term effects of which, can only be guessed at.”

    My guess: they will die even sooner than young adults put on psych-drugs, and as their growth is on-going, new iatrogenic diseases will appear…

  • Khursheed

    Hi Phil,
    VERY well said and u cover d main points succinctly..its such a shame that people STILL believe a psychiatrist will cure what are primarily issues concerning feelings and thoughts(psycho-emotional) with DRUGS and invariably worsen the case of an already suffering client..

    i pray there is more awareness and i hope slow and steady as it may be, groups like CCHR (there are not many sadly) succeed in reaching out to those who need more support thru therapy and alternative holistic treatments as against psych. drugs (slow and sometimes immediate KILLERS)

  • Phil_Hickey


    Thanks for coming in and for your encouraging words.

    Best wishes.

  • EastTern phenomenon

    Only ” pancake” like theory (freud gurus sadistic opinions) its needed a do a sciance in school Medicin….any fact or lab does not need.

    Pancake theory had listed all body symptoms to be marks of mental ilness and it absolute paranoid in doctors head..not in patient.

    Feud listed a body symptoms from head to toe to be mental ilness that officers can punish to be mental I’ll anyone, who had been criticize they own puplic services..
    So I do believe to whom freud made a psychosomathy..he made it to officers..

    I do not believe that anyone in real believe a psychosomathy like theorys..
    Or they are paranoid if they believe it.. So doctors are paranoid not patient who have pain..

    Psychiatry are like eugenist they want to humiliate peoples whot so ever reason..even from human pain.people get psisoned..
    And if there are ones Label psychosomathy…they force to psychiatry and if patient are believe of freud, or any gurus (freud) and does not believe they theory’s.?
    They simply mark..do not admits are mental ill and thicken a diagnoses to psychose or other evil diagnoses that they can torture in mental hospital that people who does notbelive like they do.

    If any country become sick of theory’s..they can’t never heal by them self.
    When Russian become sick of theory’s of karl Marx..they was not able to heal from iron hand theory’s whithout Help from west.

    And when German become to be sick of eugenism theory’s..they was not able to be healed before Russian comes and so that they are sick to gaz a peoples who do have alteration lenght of skull..which they measure + color of eye..which saved a peoples.

    And country’s who have become sick of psychiatry theory’s can’t heal themselves.
    Some country’s are werry paranoid ( Finland) they see mental ilness behind any pain.?and puplic health had label 44% of adult patient to be mental I’ll..most of them had labelled in time they co to doctor to report any pain in a body.
    They with violent manner force people to psychiatry who make a strong diacnose with no any other reason than pain..psychiatrist sift it psychose or whot so ever that they can market people to be slave of nerve toxic drugs..so psychiatry its new a human salve market and people can be market with any pain in body..
    So puplic health its danger and paranoid school Medicin.?who educate that pain from head to toe are mark of mental I’ll..

    Psychiatry must list banned pancake sciance. And new theory free school Medicin ..
    And present one tax monay off.

    Menu country had
    become to be like Nazi German. For they prison a people from pain in body.
    Because doctors are like communist..they prison a person who does not believe a same pancake theory’s us they believe.

  • East Tern phenomenon

    Freud was sadist personality and created sadist and extremely paranoid theory: psychosomathy..and listed body symptoms from head to toe to be ” mental I’ll..

    Only sadistic personality see others pain. To be mental I’ll new..and want to humiliate others. Its absolut mark that doctor are sadist and paranoid..(see mental ilness even from body pain..(like KGB soo spy,s every were)
    Absolut mark that school Medicin are sick and need to be renovation.

    And states must correct a all mental I’ll documents had started when innosent people co to tell body pain to doctors..
    And paranoid doctors had written mental I’ll papers..
    States must pay compensations to nations.
    Like to wicktims of Nazi,s who us well believe a school Medicin theory..eugenism..Hitler and SS believe d it because theory was made by psychiatrists.. Eugenism..
    Beloved that mental ilness come from Jew s skull shape..
    (More round than germans skull) and school Medicin believe d that by destroing a round skulls from eart..mental ilness will be destroy from earth..
    After they banned eugenism and blame Hitler..who did believe a eugenism like now doctor,s believe a psychosomathy rubbish theorys..

    So school Medicin are sick..they had always greated a pancake theorys. Where they can label and humiliate peoples..


    psychiatry can be practice in future..but only like alternative Medicin..which are werry danger and warned a patient.
    And state monay must not give a psychiatry..which are pancake theory..with big books, but no single lab or fact on pase of theory…..
    So people are only require to believe it..by forced
    Like so it forced to believe a communist theory..

    Its no different between communist, psychiatrist, eugenis, Darwinism..All these pancake theory’s are market ted volens forced manner like communism..by prison these who doesn’t believe a psychiatry us sciance.