You Are Stronger Than What You Think

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No, I’ve never used the services of psychologists, never took a
But I have felt under sudden Depression and Anxiety, like any of you.
Self awareness is necessary. To know when you are not acting
If we keep hoping for something to happen in an unrealistic way, on
denial, and at the end of the journey we cannot achieve that goal,
How do I beat it?
Redirecting my mind to most realistic goals.
Recharging my mind with optimism, remembering the beautiful things we
have achieved already.
Admiring Nature, the smile of a kid: LOVING.
Exercises help. Art too.
The most important thing?
Think you have come to this world with a purpose.
Think you can help others.
Feel like a champion who can accomplish everything.
And stay away from medication:
The cure is inside you, in your mind, in your soul…
Be strong!


A Reader

  • cledwyn “against nature”

    “Admiring nature, the smile of a kid.”

    Before I deal with Nature, and why we shouldn’t admire it, behind every smile of a child abides an appetite only human flesh can satisfy. You go to any school in any country, and all you will find is a hunting ground for predators, to which the laws of the jungle have been transposed. A more depraved spectacle could hardly be imagined than that which presents itself to the eye of any sensitive observer who happens to witness what goes on in a playground.

    As for nature, it may look beautiful, but beautiful it isn’t. When distance interposes itself between a man and an object, it is usually found to be pleasing, yet those aspects distance mercifully obscures, and whose concealment gives an object an illusion of beauty, come into greater focus the closer we move thereto.

    For example, look at the beauty of a woman. One of the reasons why the love thereof withstands not closer acquaintance therewith, leaving aside the caprices of the procreative drive, is because distance makes the heart grow fonder. When you actually become closely acquainted with a beautiful woman, all her blemishes come into focus, clipping the wings of imagination in flight, whereupon a disenchantment of the senses sets in. Of course, women are aided in this regards by advances in cosmetics, which they apply liberally the better to ensnare their prey, that is, some feckless dolt who can provide the woman with the semen they need in order to beget children (and to thereby prolong the suffering of the species by contributing to its propagation).

    This could be generalized to all our objects of desire, and explains largely why the fulfillment of desire is so disappointing.

    Likewise, foreign lands and remote ages enchant us so precisely because of the distance that separates us from them. The same applies to nature, with its splendid vistas. The beauty of a sunlit plane, as with a beautiful woman, is like a mosaic; just as with a woman, distance is required if she is to look beautiful, likewise, the sights of nature presuppose distance if they are to look beautiful.

    Yet there is little doubt that the sights of nature can induce this impression. Yet looking beautiful is not the same as being beautiful.

    Nature is little more than a glorified sacrificial altar dripping with the blood of innumerable victims.

    No matter how much Nature oppresses us, men nevertheless worship it, invoke its name and will. An aura of sanctity surrounds it. It is like the original model of the tyrant who inculcates false consciousness to obviate the necessity of using force to obtain obedience from its subjects; Nature has so equipped us that no matter how much it oppresses a man from the commencement of his life to its conclusion, with diseases, with himself, with the inclemencies of the weather etc., man is nevertheless grateful for all this. Men stand in the same relation to Nature as does a victim of domestic violence to the husband that beats her, yet who nevertheless loves him.

    That men worship nature only goes to show how defective a thing the human mind is. The worship of life and nature is a specimen of madness, albeit one that is so entrenched, so widely dispersed, having contaminated so many people, that man’s amour-propre and ethnocentrism blinds him to it, all of which fuels the belief in a sane/insane divide.

    True, some people have penetrated this fog of false consciousness that manifests itself in the Panglossian optimism regarding nature’s creation, yet nature, tyrant that she is, torments such of us that see her for what she is with misery and terror.

    Nature pretty much offends against most of the ideals and moral principles men hold sacred.

    Take equality, for example. Nature holds that all creatures and men are unequal. Amongst men, the differences therebetween are innumerable. Some men are born beautiful, some ugly. Some strong, some weak etc., and towards the creatures that nature puts at a disadvantage in the cruel game of life she is utterly indifferent. It is no wonder that the Nazis regularly invoked its will for the atrocities they perpetrated.

    As for humanity, which is supposedly the crowning glory of creation, look at the depravity to which human flesh is heir, the finest flowering thereof no doubt being man’s schadenfreude, the pleasure men take in the suffering of others.

    In every society there are people whose function it is in life is to be little more than the objects of other people’s schadenfreude, wherewith men endeavor to escape the hellish agony of staring into the void that is their own feckless existence. In every society there are people whose fate it is to be stared and guffawed at like freakshows. The vermin gather around such people like they were Lords of the Rats; the deformed, homosexuals, transexuals, artists, saints, you name it, as soon as some irregularity happens into the environment of humans, the staring, the pointing, the laughing, and the taunting, begins, and the orgy of depravity commences.

    In every age you find the same thing; exploitation, injustice, discrimination, intolerance, carnage, scapegoating, inequality, and the most malicious buffoonery.

    As for our much-vaunted mental apparatus, our faculties, wherefrom we reap such a rich and abundant harvest of species-centric pride, the simple possession thereof is not synonymous with their judicious usage.

    Look to what perverted uses the reasoning faculty is put! Yet surely the most abused is the faculty of discrimination. The average man would rather listen to some purveyor of sensory-rape and vandalism than the work of a great composer. Few people read Proust or Schopenhauer, yet look how many celebrity hardbacks sell! Rarely do men lavish their praise on people who deserve it, either because they can no more appreciate greatness than a blind man can appreciate color, or because they are too consumed with envy and malice to give superiority its due recognition. The respect accorded to someone like Shakespeare is not genuine; most people, if they cared to read him, would hate him to the point of wishing to do violence against his corpse.

    Admiration of nature? I see very little to admire.

    Clarence Darrow, the great lawyer and all-round pessimist and anti-natalist, understood only too well the proper attitude one should show towards nature;

    “Nothing is so wanton, so cruel, so unfeeling as Nature; she moves with the weight of a glacier carrying everything before her. In the eyes of nature, men nor any of the other animals mean anything whatever….Each and all are helpless against the cruelty and immutability of the resistless processes of nature.

    Whichever way man may look upon the earth, he is oppressed with the suffering incident to life. It would almost seem that the earth had been created with malignity and hatred. If we look at what we are pleased to call the lower animals, we behold a universal carnage. We speak of the seemingly peaceful woods, but we need only look beneath the surface to be horrified by the misery of that underworld….There is no place in the woods or air or sea where all life is not a carnage of death in terror and agony…No landscape is so beautiful or day so balmy but the cry of suffering and sacrifice rends the air. When night settles down over the earth the slaughter is not abated. Seem predators see best at night, and the outcry of the dying and terrified is always on the wind. Almost all animals meet death by violence and in agonizing pain….Nowhere in nature is there the slightest evidence of kindness, of consideration, or a feeling for the suffering and the weak, except in the narrow circle of family life.

    Man furnishes no exception to the rule. He seems to add to add the treachery and deceit that the other animals in the main do not practice, to all the other cruelties that move his life…. Man, at least, kills helpless animals for the pleasure of killing alone.

    For man, there is little joy. Every child that is born upon the earth arrives through the agony of the mother. From childhood on, the life is full of pain and disappointment and sorrow. From beginning to end it is the prey of disease and misery…Nature knows nothing about right and wrong, good and evil, pleasure and pain; she simply acts. She creates a beautiful woman, and places a cancer on her cheek. She may create an idealist, and kill him with a germ. She creates a fine mind, and then burdens it with a deformed body. And she will create a fine body, apparently for no use whatsoever. She may destroy the most wonderful life when its work has just commenced….Nothing is so cruel and merciless as Nature. To call her tender and merciful is a travesty upon words….when it comes to passing judgement on life, and the responsibility of life, man is told it must be good, although the opinion beggars reason and intelligence and is a denial of both.

    Intellectually I am satisfied that life is a serious burden, which no thinking, humane person would wantonly inflict upon someone else.”

  • Rob Bishop

    Do you believe peace of mind and joy is impossible? I did, for about 30 years. Feeling bad feels so good, it can be challenging to give it up. The negative voice in our head scoffs at the mere mention of the word “joy”. We love our misery… just look at the pain and suffering we call “entertainment”. I experience non-family based kindness and love frequently, and observe others who do also.