Psychiatric Drugs and Mass Murder

On June 12, an interesting and important article was posted on  The article is titled Army Report: Fort Hood Mass Shooter Ivan Lopez On Psychotropic Cocktail Of Celexa, Wellbutrin, Ambien, Lunesta.  Ivan Lopez-Lopez is the second Fort Hood shooter, who killed three people and then himself on April 2, 2014.

Here are some quotes:

“On January 23, 2015, the Army released its long anticipated report on the second fatal mass shootings at Fort Hood that occurred on April 2, 2014. In support of the report, the Army simultaneously released five appendices contained in nineteen other files pertaining to Specialist Ivan Lopez’s deadly shooting rampage.”

“In its findings, the Army concluded, ‘There was no evidence that any medication, or combination of medications, caused suicidal and/or homicidal thoughts in SPC Lopez-Lopez.’  The Army continued: ‘There was no evidence that SPC Lopez-Lopez’s polypharmacy positive status would have triggered a high-risk flagging even if it had been communicated between posts or sent to commands.  There was no evidence that successful information transfer of the polypharmacy status between posts would have prevented the events of 2 April 14′”

“In a very literal sense, there was no evidence contained in the report that any medication or combination of medications, known as polypharmacy, caused suicidal or homicidal ideation in Spc Lopez – because the Army made sure of it, seemingly redacting from its report every shred of evidence that could possibly point to such a conclusion.  Or did they?”

The authors then describe a process in which they (or somebody else) went through the heavily redacted reports looking for clues as to what psychiatric drugs the Ft. Hood shooter, Ivan Lopez-Lopes, had been taking at the time of the killings.

The process that the code breaker(s) used is straightforward, and relies essentially on the fact that the military authorities left enough clues in the report, so that a person willing to spend the time could fill in the blanks.  This is all described in close detail in the article.

The authors conclude that at the time of the killings, Ivan Lopez-Lopez had been prescribed a “cocktail” of Celexa, Wellbutrin, Ambien, and Lunesta.

Some more quotes:

“In addition to inadvertently divulging, despite significant black ink expended, how many and which psychotropic medications Spc Lopez was prescribed and taking (remember the toxicology results revealed the normal/expected, ie. not abnormal, presence of medications plural), the Army perhaps again unwittingly disclosed in Appendix 5 just how extensive Spc Lopez’s mental health treatment actually was, and the myriad of Army mental health providers who examined and/or treated Spc Lopez.”

“Over a ten month period from June 14, 2013 to March 10, 2014, Spc Lopez appears to have met with a half dozen mental health providers on at least ten occasions, possibly meeting with two providers on the same date on two of those occasions.  Records show Spc Lopez met with a Social Worker therapist, four psychiatrists, and a nurse practitioner who refilled prescriptions.”

“Army records demonstrate that Spc Lopez sought mental health care of his own accord, followed up with mental health treatment as prescribed (both on a scheduled and walk-in basis), and requested refills of prescribed medications.

These facts run counter to the narrative oft posited by Pharma-funded politicians whereby mass shooting tragedies are preventable – if only the shooters had access to mental health care, cooperated with their treatment, and complied with prescribed medications.”

“The Army’s findings, based on thousands of pages of evidence, are a stinging indictment of the failings of medicalized psychiatry in America, which could alternatively be referred to as chemical mood/behavior management.  The Army’s conclusion that Spc Ivan Lopez received the best possible mental health care was emphatic: ‘After an independent review of the medical and behavioral health care and treatment provided to SPC Lopez-Lopez, no deviation from standard care occurred in any component of the medical treatment continuum.'”

And from this last quote, the author draws the logical conclusion:

“If the determination of independent psychiatrists that no deviation from the standard of care occurred in the case of Spc Lopez is correct, then it must also follow logically that psychiatry’s standard of care cannot prevent mass shooting tragedies.”


“The fact that American psychiatry – with its almost singular reliance on chemical mood/behavior management – cannot prevent mass shootings has not prevented Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA) and other Pharma-funded politicians from attempting to force American taxpayers to part with billions of dollars under just such a false promise.  With the pharmaceutical lobby now the largest by far in the U.S., spending over $230M last year to pitch their agenda to Congress, some have begun to question whether we’re now living in the United States of Pharma.”

The author then presents several quotes from the report from people who knew Ivan Lopez-Lopez.  All these individuals describe him as a calm, quiet, friendly person.  Some of the adjectives used were:  calm; quiet; non-confrontational; not violent; humble; kind; honest; good father; loving; happy.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

“So what could compel an even-tempered individual to go on a deadly shooting rampage?

A peek inside Ivan Lopez’s medicine cabinet tells the story…”

The authors then provide a description of the four psychiatric drugs that Ivan Lopez had been prescribed, including some of the adverse effects.

“The label for Wellbutrin contains a black-box warning of increased risk of suicidal thinking and suicidal behavior, lists agitation and hostility as being among the most common adverse reactions, and warns families and caregivers to immediately report emerging agitation or irritability to healthcare providers.

Bupropion hydrochloride [Wellbutrin], when prescribed for smoking cessation under the lesser-known brand name Zyban, also carries an FDA-mandated warning of homicidal ideation.

It was reported that former Assistant District Attorney Myron May was also prescribed a cocktail of psychotropic drugs including the antidepressant Wellbutrin prior to his mass shooting rampage on the campus of Florida State University on November 20, 2014.

Andrea Yates was also on a cocktail of psychotropic drugs including the antidepressant Wellbutrin when she drowned her five children -John, Paul, Luke, Mary, and Noah – on June 20, 2001.

Homicide has been reported to the FDA as a side-effect of Wellbutrin and bupropion hydrochloride seventeen times.”

“Likewise, the label for citalopram hydrobromide [an SSRI], better known by the brand name Celexa, which Spc Lopez was prescribed, carries a black-box warning of increased risk of suicidal thinking and suicidal behavior, agitation, aggressiveness, hostility and impulsivity.

Homicide has been reported to the FDA as a side-effect of Celexa and citalopram fifty-eight times.  There have also been forty-three reports to the FDA of homicide as a side-effect of its chemical cousin, escitalopram oxalate, better known as Lexapro.”

“Spc Lopez was also prescribed zolpidem tartrate, better known as Ambien, to treat insomnia.  The Ambien label states that ‘worsening of depression and suicidal thinking may occur.’  According to the Ambien label, other reported side-effects include agitation, hallucination, abnormal thinking, and aggressiveness.

Homicide has been reported to the FDA as a side-effect of Ambien and zolpidem tartrate over one hundred times.”

“In addition to Ambien, Spc Lopez was also prescribed the sleep-aid eszopiclone, better known as Lunesta.  Like Ambien, the Lunesta label warns that ‘worsening of depression and suicidal thinking may occur.’  The Lunesta label also contains the following chilling warning: ‘A variety of abnormal thinking and behavior changes have been reported to occur in association with the use of sedative/hypnotics.  Some of these changes may be characterized by decreased inhibition (e.g., aggressiveness and extroversion that seem out of character)… Other reported behavioral changes have included bizarre behavior, agitation, hallucinations, and depersonalization.’

Homicide has been reported to the FDA as a side-effect of Lunesta and zopiclone five times.”

So, there it is.  There is a good deal more detail in the Pharmabuse article than I’ve quoted here, and I encourage readers to take a look.

For me, there are two compelling questions:

  1. Why did the army try to conceal what psychiatric drugs Ivan Lopez-Lopez had been prescribed? I am reminded of Connecticut Assistant Attorney General, Patrick B. Kwanashie, who on August 22. 2013, refused to divulge what psychiatric drugs Adam Lanza had been taking prior to the Newtown school murders on the grounds that it might  “…cause a lot of people to stop taking their medications.”

But if the drugs are implicated in these mass killings, as I believe they are, doesn’t the public have a right to know?

  1. How much longer can psychiatry-pharma keep the wraps on this matter? The fact is that in a relatively small number of people, these drugs induce strong homicidal/suicidal feelings, and in some cases, the individuals act on these feelings.  The numbers involved are small, but – and this is the critical point – nobody has figured a way to predict which individuals will be affected.  So what psychiatry is doing is a bit like playing Russian roulette – except that the gun is pointed at someone else’s head!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

It’s now fifteen years since Joseph Glenmullen, MD, wrote Prozac Backlash (Simon and Schuster, 2000).  The book is about these kinds of drug-induced incidents.  Here are two quotes:

“In every instance, the stories are remarkably similar:  a dramatic noticeable change occurred in an individual soon after starting the drug.  Phrases like ‘severely anxious and agitated,’ ‘felt like jumping out of her skin,’ and ‘couldn’t sleep, pacing all night’ were recurring themes.  The suicide attempts and violence toward others were described as ‘shocking,’ ‘completely out of character.'” (p 138)

“But the key elements in these stories appeared to be the ‘dramatic change’ observed in these people after starting Prozac, how ‘out of character’ their behavior was on the drug, and the often extraordinary degree of violence not only toward themselves, but toward others.” (p 138)

Since then, we’ve had multiple incidents of mass murders by people under the influence of SSRI’s or other psychiatric drugs.  How many more incidents will it take before the media start broadcasting this story, and politicians begin to take action?  How many editors are killing these stories for fear of losing a pharma advertizing account?  How much silence can pharma money buy?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

And remember – in December 2012, a petition to investigate the link between psychiatric drugs and instances of mass murder was placed on the White House petition website.  The petition was closed prematurely, without explanation, even though it was well on the way to obtaining the necessary number of signatures.

  • Frank Mancuso

    Dr. Phil:
    great article, I’m not sure how I came upon your site , if the drugs are
    causing these issues what is your solution. I worked in mental health for six
    years we were non profit and a agent for the Department of mental health in MO.
    Quick history I retired from a job of thirty plus years and spent four years in
    the military 1966 to 1970, I started working in MH about twelve years ago
    in my fifties, I work in PSR ( PsychoSocial

    All of our Clients or Consumers were totally disabled and lived in group
    homes, very few lived with family, very few, all were the most chronic of cases
    and heavily medicated.

    Both male and female from age of
    eighteen through sixty were suicidal, I saw some few who could get very violent
    at times pulling knifes on staff, banging and trying to kick down doors, most
    had been abused as children , these folks were very ill, some were high functioning
    others not so much, none could hold a job.

    At first my job was part time to help out with twenty to twenty five
    clients a day, I became very involved quickly and had some sort of a connection
    that just seemed to work many of the clients would really open up to me, my supervisor
    said it had to do with my age and my father figure, something most never had,
    and my ability to listen, most of the staff were young ladies, I became full
    time with the same pay as a Master level, I went to many trainings and I along
    with my supervisor created self esteem building programs that were a huge success,

    This was the most satisfying job I ever had, one day after watching the
    clients during break time from crafts and group, all of them standing around
    smoking, I asked myself there must be something else they can do, what would it
    be like to have no income other than $5 they got per wk after room board, food
    and clothing were all taking care of with different government programs, what
    would it be like to not be a part of society, what would it be like to have no
    self worth, no self esteem.

    We will make a long story short, I found things they could do, cook lunch
    every day, cut the grass at the home we rented for PSR, Clean the house, I got
    permission from the CEO to pay some of the higher functioning people a pay
    check, these checks were for a couple hours a wk at the rate of minimum wage,
    you can’t imagine what a $20 check can do for a person who may have never received
    a check in their life, the smiles were something to see.

    I must say I loved working with them, they were really good people, When
    I started paying attention to mass shootings it was obvious there were mental
    health issue in most cases, after reading your article I assume you have an
    alternative to these medications and am curious what your position might be,
    I’m retired again, but mental health is a big issue for me I loved the staff I
    worked with and they are very close friends now, some of the most caring passionate
    people I have ever met most are LPC and LPTs and we had many PHDs on staff.

    I sure would like to know your position, I have been away from the Center
    for six years now but think about them often, it can just break a person’s
    heart to see a fifty year old man talking to himself, when I asked him what are
    you saying, you are talking so fast I can’t understand what you’re saying, his
    reply was I’m praying that God will take these voices away.

    · This is one of so many who suffer daily; he was in and out of the hospital
    many times changing his medication. So
    many of our clients suffer from Schizophrenia.

    Hope to hear
    from you:

    Frank Mancuso

  • Phil_Hickey


    Thanks for coming in. There’s so much in your comment that resonates with me. You mention your ability to listen, and for me that’s so important, and almost never happens with psychiatry – because everything has to be done within the “15-minute med-check”.

    And one of the tragic realities is that a great many of the people you worked with are probably severely damaged from the psychiatric drugs.

    With regards to my position – you’ve pretty much spelled it out. We all need feelings of success; we all need to feel valued; we all need to feel that we matter.

    And you found things that they could do! And this is so obviously the key. But tragically this seldom happens. And the reason it seldom happens is because for decades it has been an integral part of psychiatric “wisdom” that the individuals in question should not, under any circumstances, be subject to any kind of stress or expectations. This has always struck me as one of the most destructive, disempowering things that psychiatry has ever done – condemned literally millions of people to lives of futile, drug-induced apathy, and brain damage.

    With regards to “voices” and other “crazy” stuff, my general position is that we all have two lives: the inner life (inside our heads) and the outer life (what people sometimes call the real world.)

    And what’s so obvious to me is that if we find no joy in the outer world, we retreat to the inner. I know I would! And I suggest that what you were doing in the job you describe is helping people find joy and a sense of accomplishment in the outer world.

    Back in the eighties, I had some involvement in a job coach program, and I can vividly remember the joy people got from going to work, being recognized by supervisors and colleagues, and drawing a paycheck.

    It is my belief that job coach programs are one of the most important components in any kind of reform, but most of the psychiatrists with whom I’ve discussed these matters had no idea what a job coach program is. And when I explained it to them, most expressed grave reservations.

    Again, thanks for writing. There’s so much bad news in this field, it is truly good to hear from someone who stepped out of the box and tried something different.

    Best wishes;

  • M.

    Hmm, tempting as it is to see drug company influence behind the hiding of data, I’m wary of jumping to a conspiratorial explanation here. It’s certainly possible pharma is involved, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they influence which articles get published, but I think we forget how pervasive biopsychiatric dogma is among the public. I’ve seen enough people fervently argue “the drugs work, it’s science” to know that many, many people will defend pharmaceuticals even without direct influence from the makers. (the influence of pharma PR and marketing over the public’s thinking of course is another matter.) Someone says they don’t divulge data because it might, “cause a lot of people to stop taking their medications.” Well, I think they might be sincere.

    It *is* highly suspicious though, and we do deserve the data. Paternalism is dangerous in general, and even if the drugs aren’t implicated in these killings, the tendency for society to privilege the judgment of psychiatrists and pharma over ordinary people has aided all the major abuses of the field.

  • all too easy

    All wrong as usual. The real question is, how many more people would become mass murderers without the incredible impact SSRIs have on the well-being of folks who are suffering?

    Charlie Whitman would love to explain it, but he went bye-bye long ago.

  • Phil_Hickey


    I agree. A great many people – perhaps most people – have bought the hoax.

  • Joes Rodriquez

    Told ya

  • The Right Hon. Cledwyn B’stard

    Good points, but I’m really not convinced about this latest development, if the latest it is, in determinist thinking.

    Lacking a firm empirical foundation, and relying on statistics that at best show a correlation, the proposition that pharmaceuticals cause violence seems to rest almost entirely on the testimonials of people close to that person.

    Such people testify that the perpetrators behaved out of character in committing mass-murder, or some such other crime.

    There’s a number of problems with this testimony. The love we feel for a person, whether that love is sexually charged or of a more Platonic character, blinds us to the flaws of a person and festoons his character with all sorts of illusory qualities he/she does not intrinsically possess, driving us to such an extremity of blindness in relation to the loved-one that the image love, turd-polisher extraordinaire, conjures before the mind’s eye, and the reality to which the eye itself bears testimony, is beset by such a gulf, that the degree of correspondence therebetween is like that which exists between a piece of excrement (over which, when the such excrement assumes human form, love lavishes its golden hues, so that the mind under Love’s spell convinces itself that it beholds some Seraphic being freshly dropped from some celestial sphere, and of intellectual distinction withal, and other hallucinations and figments of the imagination under Love’s tyrannical sway) and a nugget of gold.

    Such is the position of prominence love assumes in a man’s mind, so insistent are its claims over our feelings, judgements and perceptions, that whomsoever it afflicts will subordinate to it all other considerations and concerns, such as those of right and wrong, rendering an otherwise thoughtful, sensitive, virtuous individual no better than an apologist for a totalitarian regime, for under love’s influence, even St Francis (o Assisi), or Jesus Christ, could have become an accomplice to the worst sort of scoundrel.

    Love, it would seem, is a form of lunacy of which all men partake, being no respecter of boundaries.

    Self-love also has a part in this drama. Self-love is a part of the triumvirate whose empire extends over the hearts and minds of every man, which it shares control of with Self-interest and, of course, Love itself, that is, directed towards someone outside oneself. Self-love can just as easily blind us to evil as love for another, be it romantic or Platonic (which are actually qualitatively distinct, with the latter possessing a spiritual and moral dimension of which the former does not partake).

    There are either few or no surer ways of inveigling oneself into a man’s favor than by appealing to his amour-propre. The negative judgements we pass upon others are usually more to do with offenses made against self-love than they are against ethical principles and maxims, hence why we can forgive our friends more easily than our enemies.

    This is not just applicable to evil individuals, but to evil societies (though an “evil society” is a redundancy of words, because evil, and the malice, injustice, discrimination, greed, lust, and inequality out of which it is concocted, always prevails in every society), evil institutions and regimes. For which reason, amongst others, evil people and groups are never so evil that they fail to find supporters, to enlist the sympathies of others, as long as they charm the people whose hearts they seek to insinuate themselves into by flattering the amour-propre of men.

    This is largely why it is that people who are generally loved and respected, due to some distinction of rank, to occupational status, power, wealth, fame, physical attractiveness, or any of the other superficial things that human societies, in their varying shades of corruption, lay stress upon (whilst those who possess very real qualities either languish in obscurity or are tirelessly persecuted); this is largely why it is such people are incapable of conceiving just why it is some of us express such fear and cynicism regarding others. Self-love has blinded them to the evil of their own society, of the world, though this is not just because society bestows its favors upon them (much as those who are favored by Nature are blind to the evil of its ways), but because they themselves partake of the corruption in which said society is mired, so that, with this being so, the wicked world, which they are content to wallow in and with which they live in harmony, refracted through the prism of their own amour-propre, seems positively prelapsarian in its innocence, because they see their own image reflected therein, lavishing upon the world the same love that they bestow upon themselves. On the other hand, if a man, like Hamlet, is out-of-sync with his age (as all great men are), or is not favored or respected by it, then the world reveals itself in all its sinister splendor, and inevitably they become in the eyes of other people “mad”, “paranoid”, or some such other term invented largely for silencing dissenting voices.

    So such testimony should be viewed with some scepticism I think, given just how easily men’s judgement is clouded by love and self-love.

  • cledwyn goodpuddings

    That should be “are beset by such a gulf between them,…)

  • all too easy

    “Andrea Yates was also on a cocktail of psychotropic drugs including the antidepressant Wellbutrin when she drowned her five children -John, Paul, Luke, Mary, and Noah – on June 20, 2001.” Dr. Phil

    Let’s see how often Phil gets his facts wrong.

    “The ailing mother was discharged and another psychiatrist switched her to Zyprexa, an antipsychotic drug for bipolar disorders and schizophrenia. Andrea flushed the pills down the toilet. Then she got worse.”

    “She refused medication and withdrew from all efforts to help.”

    “For two days, she refused her medication. Then she was discharged with more prescriptions for pills that she would avoid taking.”

    “Andrea’s therapist took her off Haldol, but had her continue with several other antidepressants. Andrea decided to discontinue them on her own.” TRUE CRIME XL

    Dietz also stated that Andrea had difficulty being viewed by others as mentally ill and that her attitude hindered her recovery. For example, after her first suicide attempt, Andrea refused to take the antipsychotic medication prescribed to her and flushed it
    down the toilet.398
    Targeting Behavioral Therapies to Enhance Naltrexone Treatment of Opioid
    Dependence: Efficacy of Contingency Management and Significant Other Involvement, 58 ARCH. GEN. PSYCHIATRY 755, 761 (2001) (referring to the “significant problems with [drug therapy] compliance” among psychiatric patients, particularly those who are most “compromised by compliance issues, including the more highly impaired subgroups (. . . patients with dual diagnoses and those with personality
    disorders”)). One study concluded that patients who refused medication comprised three “relatively distinct” categories:
    1) situational refusers—a diverse group of patients who on occasion refused medication for a short period of time and for one of a variety of reasons; 2) stereotypic refusers—chronically ill patients with paranoid traits who habitually and predictably responded to a variety of stresses with brief medication refusal; and 3) symptomatic refusers—young relatively acutely ill patients whose refusal, often based on delusional premises, was sustained over a long period and successfully stymied treatment efforts

    If she had taken her medication as prescribed, she may not have murdered her children in cold blood.

  • cledwyn goodpuddings

    As for what causes the violence we see in cases such as these, the roots thereof are obviously many, but our culture of narcissism contributes to no small degree I would surmise.

    The self-help and mental health movements have helped to usher in an age in which such store is set by self-love that offenses thereagainst are sometimes, by the individual subjected to these affronts, deemed punishable by death.

    There is an absurd notion in circulation that self-love is a necessary condition of love for others, and even that the latter increases pari passu with the former.

    No doubt, human existence presupposes a small measure of self-love insofar as to live an endurable existence is our objective, unless one is in possession of a truly sublime disposition, like certain saints and other people who, at least on the surface, seem capable of holding themselves majestically aloof from all concerns of the self, or to have attained to a Nirvana-like state of selfnessness through mortification of the will, as is commonly seen with monks of varying religious orientations.

    Yet a man does not possess love in inexhaustible quantities, and the more he lavishes upon himself, the less he has for other people.

    Man, in his great love for himself and proportionately large hatred of others, is often, it would seem, inclined to take recourse to violence in avenging offenses against his amour-propre.

    On the other hand, a distinct lack thereof can have a similar effect, so that men, in order to procure for themselves the measure of self-love which makes life endurable, might also go down this route, especially when, as is the case with so many people, they find themselves the focal point of the attentions and sinister schemes of predators, lacking as such people do the requisite protective coloration, or whatever, which can lead to an accumulation of rage and humiliation that seeks an outlet in acts of violence direct against the actual or perceived sources thereof.

  • John Jose Duarte Teixeira

    Hello Phil
    I agree with you 100% that psychiatry does nothing to help anyone. Psychiatrists push mind and body damaging drugs. In my case I was labeled by psychiatrists that represented a large company, to shut me up because I complained about people harassing me in the work place. I did not know about psychiatry back in 1982 to 1984 when I had the label Schizophrenia put on me. I was on Perphenazine for 1 1/2 years.
    It was one year into taking the drug that someone out of my past popped up and told
    me how bad the drugs were. I tried for the last 6 months to cut the dose in half, but could
    not function well because of the side effects and they fired me for not taking the drug.
    I have been off of the drug since 1984, but coming off it, and the drug over the course of 3 years slowly getting out of my system made me very sick. It was with the help of a regular doctor who also studied natural medicine that I finally kicked it, but it took from 1984 till 1990 to finally get back to good health. The drugs caused me to have kidney problems, a heavy liver, acute ulcerative colitis(lasted 1 1/2 years) and went down to 113 lbs( (I am 5′-10″), and extreme hypoglycemia. The hypoglycemia was normalized in 1992. I also had rotted teeth from dry mouth. When I started the drug in 1982 I hav no cavities ever in my life, I was 32 then. Today I am healthy, but have been throughout the years loosing teeth because the gums and bone were weakened so much. Now I need implants.
    So much for psychiatry…even 1 drug can do someone in, no cocktail for me, but one was enough.
    Can you tell me if what I have gone through is prevalent in people taking Perphenazine.

  • Petra Gore Luthwanza Sticky Ho

    I, too, experienced horrific side effects from Perphenazine. I took one pill and started hallucinating. I became catatonic and started eating car tires on expensive luxury cars. Got arrested and did 10 years in maximum security. Still hallucinating, I ran for president of the Teamsters and lost by 1 vote, but I got all the tires I could eat. My dentist said she’d never seen such beautiful teeth until the Perphenazine ate away half my nose. Developed post nasal drip, which was acidic, and destroyed my bicuspids. She married me but divorced after my molars followed suit. She got everything. I fixed her ass. I put a whole bottle of Perphenazine in her omelet. Thing is, she developed a photographic memory and graduated from Yale Law School in 26 days. Her hair fell out so she sued the zoo where I worked. The zoo won the case. She appealed. Took it all the was to the Supreme Court–in Belize. I won and got 327 million in punitive damages. I started a publishing business and received two Golden Globes, 3 Pulitzer’s and new dentures. Realized I was really a young female beauty queen deep down, I got reorganized surgery and all the boys go gaga over me. It has taken 47 years but that one Perphenazine pill mutated and today I am a stripper in downtown Detroit where I play shortstop for the Tigers.


  • all too easy

    How many “clients” take their meds exactly as prescribed? How many combine them with alcohol and street drugs? Many

  • all too easy

    How did they know you weren’t taking your drug? Otto Nuss went off his meds and kidnapped 13 children.

  • John Jose Duarte Teixeira

    They knew because thats what they do…they knew I was involved with a holistic doctor later into my drug therapy. That is when the flags go up for them, and they just threaten you loosing your job.

  • all too easy

    What is it, exactly, they do? How did they threaten you? Were you ever arrested before you were fired? Or fired from other jobs? In trouble with the Law? All of these things began to take place because you complained? Which large company was represented by psychiatrists? What does that mean, they represented a large company? How did they represent them> Specifically? They labeled you with schizophrenia to shut you up? “I tried for the last 6 months to cut the dose in half, but could not function well…” They fired you because of poor work performance due to the side effects of trying to reduce your dosage by 50% over a six month period of time? Did you work in what the government calls a “safety sensitive” position?


  • Rob Bishop

    Just as the human ego thrives on self hatred and misery, violent rage also fuels the ego. Suicide or self love are the only antidotes to self hatred.

  • John Jose Duarte Teixeira

    I cannot name the company because of legal ramifications…but it used to be called Consumers Gas in Toronto. I was harassed because were some bigoted people there, and I did not fit their ideal. I never had a criminal record of any kind. They have a company doctor and he refers people to their shrinks. The drugs actually made me not function well.
    I was threatened behind my back by more than one person there. Yes the doctors were on the side of the company because the old guard was in charge…the jack asses.

  • The Right Hon. Cledwyn B’stard

    Many of these people have been “driven nuts” by society, and its sempiternal inhospitality to the outsider, which, of course, doesn’t absolve the individual of responsibility for his behavior, going on a killing rampage not being the only avenue open to said individual.

    There is this belief abroad in modern society that prejudice against outsiders is culturally transmitted, inherited from the environment and passed down through the generations. True, the forms of said prejudice indeed are, to some extent, but the prejudice itself lies nestled deep within the human heart, a conclusion few are willing to concede, instead preferring to believe that prejudice against outsiders will cease with the elimination of one of its forms, just like men delude themselves that by addressing the socio-economic causes of suffering, or some such other aspect of the world or the individual to which suffering can be localized, it will no longer plague man.

    Yet this prejudice whereof I speak, like a magic lantern, projects many different forms, but all can be traced back to the same source. Its immortal spirit every now and then casts off its mortal husk, only to transmigrate immediately thereafter.

    So what is this common origin whence prejudice against the disabled, against the deformed, against Jews, homosexuals, transsexuals, fat people, artists, etc., etc., etc., springs?

    It is nothing less than man’s native cruelty and intolerance, which at the sight of someone perceived as fundamentally different comes welling up like so much sewage from the subterranean depths of the human psyche, where evil usually prevails, notwithstanding the delusions of adherents of Pelagianism in its many manifestations, though as signified by my use of the adverb “usually”, such evil, whilst certainly not apt to discriminate as to whom it takes up residence in, is nevertheless found to a lesser or greater degree according as whether a man’s innate character is woven from a coarse or fine material, which character the cast of a man’s features everywhere bears the stamp of, and which on the face of the individual in whom a great propensity for cruelty resides everywhere betrays itself like the bodily stigmata of a disease that leaves the trace of its existence in the contours, lines and lineaments from which can be deduced the cruel nature of certain individuals, such as is seen in the faces of certain peasants, farmers, inbreds, criminals, and other scoundrels whose existence could be said to be a tremendous blunder on Nature’s part if it weren’t for the fact that she herself is evil.

    As with suffering, one can no more eliminate prejudice by attending to the elimination of one of the forms it adopts in the social world than one could eliminate all cancer by curing one person of it.

    The best that can be done is to deter people from acting in accordance with the depraved dictates of their nature (a nature often so coarse and brutish it cannot accommodate the virtuous principles whose attempted inculcation thereinto by reformers inevitably meets with resistance from its possessor, because to gain entry they must first contend with and then displace the canker firmly lodged within his bosom), by setting beside the inclination to be a bully, a swine, a symbolic cannibal, a much stronger one to desist therefrom, which sometimes cannot be achieved through appeals to reason or to the compassion and pity some people simply don’t feel in relation to those viewed as fundamentally different to their own base example, the contrast therewith, as manifested in some difference of physical appearance, attire, carriage or gait, excites in some people only hatred, or a malicious amusement.

    The only authority that such people render obedience to is that of superior force, as recognized in some individual or group more powerful than ourselves, and as is imposed by the legislative and executive arms of government to protect the weak and the vulnerable from the vultures circling their person (in which regards the state is usually found wanting, indeed, so wicked and corrupt are all societies found to be and the people who thrive therein, so secure is evil’s reign of the hearts of men, that the state itself has become the foremost instrument of oppression, for which reason documents such as the constitution were, somewhat naively, forged), though sometimes even this is powerless to stop some people who, rather than commit violence against their own natures by desisting from the commission of evil acts whenever they scent the blood of victims, instead choose to direct such violence outwards without paying heed to the consequences.

    Problem is, you cannot legislate for the difficult to detect channels in which depravity will always evade captivity and through which it in modern civilized society has adapted to life therein (which, as long as it resides in human nature, it always will of necessity find a way of doing), such as the words men wield like weapons, and the predatory stares, sniggers, sneers and guffaws men deploy in mobilizing the full force of their cruelty against some sacrificial victim, and other safety valves for the venting of vileness.

    Alas, it seems to me that the only real solution to this problem lies in antinatalism.

    The world should be left to the depraved, to go on doing to each other what they have been doing to victims since Eve and Adam engaged in an original bit of rumpy pumpy and brought into the world Cain and Abel, relations between whom set the pattern that all human existence has since followed; that is, they should be left to torment, mock, annoy, and cannibalize each other.

    Bring a child into this world? It is with pangs of conscience I bring a turd into it; with tears anticipating future remorse that I squeeze pus into it.

    As an illustration of some of the foregoing points, I recently watched a documentary detailing the upsurge in disability hate crime, some of which would have offended the sensibility of people in primitive times. It is the experience of many disabled people that they can’t even walk out of the front door without being stared at, laughed at, pointed at, and even attacked. Yet this is not just the experience of disabled people, obviously, but of all who deviate from the norm and alas, sometimes, such people, abandoned as they usually are by so-called decent people (whose decency consists not in the courage to stand up to evil, but in simply minding their own business, and leaving those with evil designs on others’ flesh, dignity or property, against whom the victim is usually at a disadvantage, freedom to do as they please) take matters into their own hands.

  • Phil_Hickey


    Thanks for writing. It sounds like you’ve been through the wringer! I’m not aware of any particular risks with perphenazine, over and above those associated with neuroleptics generally. I’m glad you’re doing better, and I hope this continues for you.

  • John Jose Duarte Teixeira

    Thanks Phil for getting back to me…any antipsychotic or psychiatric drug is poison as far as I am concerned. I say that Psychiatry Kills, and that toxic drug pushing Shrinks are Criminals.

  • all too easy

    The company doc referred you to their psychiatrist who diagnosed you with schizophrenia and forced you to take pherphanizne because your co-workers harassed you.

  • all too easy

    This is too good! Just what I needed.
    Of course the threat of legal ramifications is ever present when you name the corporation that had you enslaved to poisonous drugs by psychiatrists on the take, intentionally misdiagnosing you and then firing you for seeing your own physician and relying upon her medical expertise. Ramifications for them! because they broke the law. That is, if you were telling the truth.

    This is too easy. As deluded as Phil is, at least he isn’t a liar.

  • John Jose Duarte Teixeira

    Why is Phil deluded…I do not know what you mean. Psychiatrists know they are fakes and they will do anything to support what their obligations are, and that is to the company.
    Drugs as you know destroy your capacity to function and think properly. It took me years to figure out that I was not Schizophrenic, because it took that long to get over what the drugs did to me, and the way I felt did not help me know I had been duped.

  • all too easy

    Life is tough. Some people are too.

  • John Jose Duarte Teixeira

    Are you implying that I am not tough because I was labeled by a bunch of back stabbing morons and the people who were cowards who made me complain about them. I am tougher than all of those idiots put together…cowards one and all.
    Do you agree with Shrinks and their made up labels to control people.?

  • all too easy

    US Chamber of Commerce$124,080,000National Assn of Realtors$55,057,053Blue Cross/Blue Shield$22,218,774American Hospital Assn$20,773,146American Medical Assn$19,650,000National Assn of Broadcasters$18,440,000National Cable & Telecommunications Assn$17,460,000Comcast Corp$17,020,000Google Inc$16,830,000Boeing Co$16,800,000

  • Rob Bishop

    Psychological pain (such as anger) and emotional turmoil (such as depression) is certainly passed down in families and cultivated within a culture. The Los Angeles riots after the Rodney King verdict in ’92 are a good example of people who appeared to be mentally ill, but the root cause of their violent rage was the pain, suffering, and negativity they inherited via their families and culture.

  • all too easy

    “…who made me complain about them.”

    Gun to your head I suppose.

  • all too easy

    I see. The psychiatrists were co-conspirators with an unnamed company for the purpose of diagnosing you with schizophrenia, forcing you to consume a toxic drug, because others talked about you behind your back.

    “It took me years to figure out that I was not Schizophrenic, because it took that long to get over what the drugs did to me…”

    i see. You were able to calculate the amount of time it took for you to be free of what the drugs did to you when you realized that you were no longer schizophrenic? How do you know it is not the drug’s side effects telling you you are not a schizophrenic? What is the name of the lone, biological, objective test that substantiates your claim that the drug is no longer deceiving you?

  • all too easy

    “While we are at the subject of suicide, suppose a man takes
    Prozac and becomes suicidal. Should his suicide be prevented?
    How? By involuntary mental hospitalization? If you reject that
    option, do you also hold psychiatrists responsible for failing
    to prevent suicide, just as you hold the Eli Lilly company
    liable for causing suicide?” Jeffrey A. Schaler, Ph.D.

  • John Jose Duarte Teixeira

    Buzz off you troll…you come on here and you quote me and try and pick every word apart. You would make a great shrink and drug pusher, its in your natural nature to be an asshole. No one said anything about a gun you loser. I have the balls to show my face, but obviously you have none. Buzz off and go bother your mommy.

  • all too easy

    Okay. You bet, pal. You make a lot of sense. My natural nature is disgusting.

    Siddhartha Mukherjee wrote a tremendous piece for The New York Times Magazine, The Science and History of Treating Depression published in 2012. All scholars in this field will be glad they read it.
    Patients with severe depression responded to antidepressants statistically significantly better than placebo. The most fascinating aspect of the latest and best research points to the growth of new brain cells and the rewiring of the brain itself produced by these drugs.

  • all too easy

    I always hate it when others make me complain about them, you know? Who do they think they’re messing with, Lucille Ball? Man, my balls are huge. I’m tougher than half of those kindergarteners I’ve seen. Actually, I made up many of the labels shrinks call people. Made eighty-five cents per name. Big Idiot with Halitosis and Boring Disorder we gave to you! Perfect ain’t? LOL, I’m a scream

  • Rob Bishop

    “The initial findings were suggestive: depressed patients typically tended to have lower levels of brain serotonin compared with controls. But in 1987, when researchers in Scandinavia performed a similar experiment with newer tools to measure serotonin more accurately, serotonin levels were found to be higher in depressed patients. Further experiments only deepened these contradictions. In some trials, depressed patients were found to have decreased serotonin levels; in others, serotonin was increased; in yet others, there was no difference at all.”……..and they call this science?! LOL

  • Rob Bishop

    Squash and peanuts help heal the poor.

  • John Jose Duarte Teixeira

    Read up on Peter Breggin, MD, “Toxic Psychiatry”, and Thomas Szasz, MD, “The Myth of Mental Illness”. Those are just two who tell it like it is, Psychiatry is a fraud. Thomas Szasz went on to say that it is a “crime against humanity”.You said the drugs rewire someones brains, yes they do, and make people into suicidal and sometimes psychotic killers.
    Subject: Re: Comment on Psychiatric Drugs and Mass Murder

  • John Jose Duarte Teixeira

    Never saw your balls and never want to, or maybe its your delusion that you have balls. Why not label me aching Kidney
    almost lost them, and heavy liver guy, or Acutie Ulcerative Colitis Colon man, or Hypo man after the hypoglycemia, all of which I contracted from the drugs.
    Why do you want to stigmatize me like a sicko shrink would, is it because you are one of those toxic pill pushers.
    Yeah you are a screaming idiot who does not know the facts.

  • all too easy

    Lol. Read the article. Then, read it again. Lol. You can read? Lol. Or ask someone who can help you. Lol. You too Juan Batista Runaway Paranoid Schizophrenic. Or, ask a grown up for help. Lol.

    I do agree. All psychiatrists are mass murderers. Especially those girls in Canada who misdiagnosed you. Get your IQ tested. If it is over 70, I know a guy with two boys who will prove ADHD isn’t real. Go to him. He calls to you. He heals mental illness by getting in the faces of kids who pretend they are nuts. He straightens them out. He has proof.
    Ask peewee Breggin whether chemicals cause people to kill. For 45,000 bucks he’ll say ADHD is real.

  • all too easy

    Yes. I want to be a big naughty girl. I like poisoning dumb ducks like you cause they won’t know nothing til it’s too late. lol.

  • Rob Bishop

    OK, you win. Many millions of people are so screwed up in the brain they need drugs to be normal.

  • all too easy

    balls, don’t read my comments.

  • all too easy

    “But for patients with the most severe forms of depression, the benefit of medications over placebo was substantial. Such patients might have found, as Andrew Solomon did, that they no longer felt “the self slipping out” of their hands. The most severe dips in mood were gradually blunted. Like Dorothy, these patients most likely still experienced sorrow, but they experienced it in ways that were less self-destructive or paralyzing. As Solomon wrote: “The opposite of depression is not happiness, but vitality, and my life, as I write this, is vital.””


  • all too easy

    admitting you are clueless don’t come easy, do it? you never could hold 2 opposing ideas at the same time to see if a new theory might emerge.

    Nearly 26 million Americans have diabetes (8.3% of the population).

  • John Jose Duarte Teixeira

    You are showing your true colors bitch. You would make a great shrink, lying about the side effects until its too late for the victims of sickos like you. I survived, but many did not. Psychiatry is a disease that must be eradicated. Do some research and see how many soldiers with PTSD commit suicide after taking psychiatric drugs. Not only are soldiers being poisoned but children and adults who also commit suicide because the drugs are mind altering toxins. Go and knock on their doors and laugh in their faces because they have lost loved ones you pathetic excuse for a human being.

  • all too easy

    True colors are not true facts. How many soldiers committed suicide as a result of the drugs drugs they took, Buzz off balls? Lol. This is fun. I believe everything you say , BUZZ OFF BALLS. You are really credible. Very sharp cookie

  • all too easy

    “With the pharmaceutical lobby now the largest by far in the U.S., spending over $230M last year to pitch their agenda to Congress, some have begun to question whether we’re now living in the United States of Pharma.”

    when have Phil and his co-boobs gotten their facts straight? ever? even once?

    Talk to that idiot whose two sons prove ADHD isn’t real. He’s the sharpest knife in the drawer. He doesn’t know what day it is.

  • all too easy

    Talk to that genius with two screaming boys. He knows ADHD isn’t real. His sons are proof. He’s quite brilliant. His two whacky boys, all by themselves, set the standard as ADHD non-kids.

  • Rob Bishop

    Children who scream are mentally ill? You’re so silly. You are a good example how people can become passionate that they’re messed up. Many defend their “mental illness” with religious-like fervor and get very upset at any proposal that nothing is wrong with them.

  • all too easy

    Screaming isn’t mental illness? Are you sure? How about yelling 2 or more times in a 3 hour period? i have a cousin who was sent away because he whispered when he spoke to girls and dogs. Are you suggesting we should put him on an anti-psychotics too? I know my mother was enthralled with the sound of her own voice and wanted to buy her records for $5 a piece. My little brother whistled at pretty girls every Sunday. I think the cops consulted several shrinks to see if they could send him to the local aquarium. He’s 55.

    The idiot with the two monsters for sons used to brag about how terrible they were and boasted that because he was such an awesome father, he spared them from an early grave due to exposure to speed and self-injected crank, which is the same thing as heroin and crack mixed in a dry martini or Adderall. His full scale IQ of 97 marks him as far superior to his boobs (friends) who praise each other for calling all psychiatrists serial killers.

    I am sorry you become distraught so easily. Just remember, NEVER EVER take an anti-depressant regardless how low you go. I know millions of guys who dropped dead just catching a whiff of an anti-depressant (before the bottle was opened.) That is some bad s..t. i was friends with 7 guys in the military who got rabies from psych meds. They howled like wild animals for days, foamed at their mouths, had non-stop seizures and their shrinks were boozing it up and taking bets on who would croak first.

    Bless you bro and stop screaming. Men in white coats are everywhere.

  • That Pharmacist

    Just curious if you are aware of how these drugs work and if you know whether or not the individual was fully compliant, and took his medications all the time, I’m curious because your credentials of being a psychologist, means that you are not a psychiatrist. A psychologist and psychiatrist are different in that one is knowledgeable and studied medication, whole the other has not.Meaning you do not have any real scientific or medicine background to support your opinion. The side effects in anti-psychotic and depression medicines are usually due to not taking the medication properly ( meaning not taking it some days or cold turkey stop taking it) will cause people to become suicidal and homicidal. Assuming that his doctor gave him a cocktail not big pharma because those medications do not come in one tablet or capsule, then the problem is drug compliance and keeping a close eye on patients that are given these. Because the other issue is if it was the first time one took the cocktail and no one kept up with the individual to see how they were reacting to it, then their doctor with best judgement gave them the wrong medication for that individual. All medications are not for every being, they work differently for others, hence why there is this big push for individualized medicine.
    On another note someone given a cocktail of drugs is usually not mentally stable without the medication, where therapy and positive feedback, and support is not quite enough.
    Many times people can just benefit from doing activities and feeling self-worthy. But many people also cannot, and that is not exactly in their control. Sometimes chemical imbalances occur in people and that is why there are medications.
    I do not endorse people taking medications if they do not need it and can go without, but sometimes people do need it. Drug compliance is a huge reason for the mass shooting, taking him off those medications would not have been helpful to him either.
    Going on a rant to blame the pharmaceutical company for a complex issue as this is very faulty.
    Interesting points and article though, but I believe you are missing a lot of pieces.
    I know old article but still…

  • Phil_Hickey

    That Pharmacist,

    Thanks for commenting.

    Do you have any evidence to support the statement:

    “The side effects in anti-psychotic and depression medicines are usually due to not taking the medication properly ( meaning not taking it some days or cold turkey stop taking it) will cause people to become suicidal and homicidal.”

    If so, perhaps you would cite me the reference(s).

    Your statement that:

    “Sometimes chemical imbalances occur in people and that is why there are medications.”

    is interesting. But it has nothing to do with psychiatric practice. I have never met, nor even heard of, a psychiatrist who checked out the chemical balances in a person’s brain before prescribing the drugs. In fact, there is no evidence that any so-called mental illness stems from any kind of chemical imbalance. And there is no way to determine if a person’s chemicals are “balanced” or not. Nevertheless, psychiatrists continue to push these drugs like candy.

    “Going on a rant to blame the pharmaceutical company for a complex issue as this is very faulty.”

    I’ve written more than 530 posts on this website. I don’t think you will find anything in these that could be remotely described as a rant.

    Best wishes.

  • That Pharmacist

    Here’s your references:
    As for chemical imbalances:
    You clearly do not have any credibility in any of your posts. Do you know how the body works? Chemical imbalances are checked by blood work. The brain the powerhouse of the body it sends and receives chemical and electric signals. Those chemical signals show up in the blood. So you literally are an idiot.
    Yes it is true some psychiatrists do push drugs on people like candy, but that’s not true for many. The psychologist that do that, are then usually corrupted by pharmaceutical companies that go and advertise their medications, and give doctors incentives for prescribing and giving out trial medication. But that occurs to every doctor that is licensed to prescribe medication, not just psychiatrist.
    Again with credibility, you ignored it because you are not credible to give out information like this because you are a psychologist you do not study this. You also are retired and the requirements for education to be a psychologist and psychiatrist are vastly different. Which is blatantly clear since you seem to not know how the body work physiology. You’re missing quite a lot.
    These are rants. Opinions are rants.

  • Rob

    Your links show zero scientific evidence “mental illness” is due to chemical imbalance.

  • That Pharmacist

    Medline and Webmd are scientific websites reviewed by thousands of doctors, scientists, and government agencies. If you want information on serotonin and other chemicals and how their reuptake or opposite causes emotional issues and physiological issues please let me know. If you are a psychologist and believe that the reward system works then you believe that chemicals are released or absorbed that cause pleasure and joy. That follows mechanisms like positive feedback and reinforcement. If you believe that then you also believe lacking reuptake of chemicals can cause emotional distress. If you don’t believe that and claim to be a psychologist, you need to go back and get re-educated.
    If you believe that your body does not have chemicals like serotonin that effects receptors in the brain, which send out signals for various actions and perceptions, then you do not know much about the human body.
    When you have a mother that is schizophrenic and is mentally unstable without medication and becomes unstable when she stops taking medication then you’d have real sympathy. My mother has tried to kill herself without being on medication because of her schizophrenia, with medication she is better functioning. When she stops taking her medication her symptoms come back.
    The way medications work are by helping reuptake or prevent certain chemicals in the brain. These chemicals can effect your mood, and perceptions.
    You can find all of this information in just about every modern day psychology textbook. If you want scientific research go use google scholar. Not a blog that does not give you accurate nor reliable information.

  • That Pharmacist

    I also am not going to continue to have conversations with people that do not realize mental health is very complex. Any real psychologist knows that every mechanism or approach does not work the same for everyone. So they would know the same for medications.Plus most people are referred to psychiatrists by psychologist, because of the judgement of the therapist, they felt that therapy alone was not enough. Why would therapy alone not be enough if it is all just psychological, and not at all physiological?

  • Rob

    Many millions of people are diagnosed with “serotonin imbalances”, and prescribed SSRIs, but nobody is tested for serotonin levels. Your assumption misery and emotional distress is a medical issue is unfounded and without evidence. You can tranquilize a violent rapist and they will become calm. Millions of people take dozens of types of drugs that reduce anxiety, including beer and tequila. Amphetamines are wonderful at lifting your spirits. But the assumption drugs “correct a biological defect” isn’t based in science. There’s a lot of cognitive research showing evidence that neurosis (such as depression, anxiety, and rage), is not chemical in origin, but these days we blame our misery on faulty chemistry. There’s zero evidence suicidal people have a chemical imbalance. The Disease Theory of Misery is the current religion.

  • Mark Eccles

    @That Pharmacist you clearly do not have any credibility. There are no brain chemical imbalances until a person takes or is forced to take psychiatric medication/drugs. There are no blood work tests for mental illness, if the tests did exist the illness would be treated by a neurologist, not a psychiatrist. How do you judge if a person needs medications, how do you judge if a person needs drugs? and how can you tell the difference between the two?

  • Phil_Hickey

    That Pharmacist,

    Thank you for coming back.

    None of the references you provide prove the assertion in your first comment, as Rob has pointed out above.

    Could you cite me the name and catalog number of a blood test that can ascertain neurotransmitter levels?

    Could you cite me a treatment or diagnostic guideline, written by any psychiatrist or psychiatric association, that specifies the use of any such test in the assignment of psychiatric “diagnoses”?

    My dictionary (Random House) defines rant as:

    “To speak or declaim extravagantly or violently; talk in a wild or vehement way; rave.”

    If you can find anything of this nature in my writings, please let me know, and I will gladly amend the section in question.

    I am quite happy to continue this discussion which, incidentally, you initiated. But I limit my on-line dialogue to commenters who adhere to the ordinary conventional standards of civility. You are perfectly free to continue commenting, of course, but I will make no further replies to comments that breach these standards.

    Best wishes.

  • Bradford

    And it’s at least equally possible, if not more so, that she wouldn’t have killed her kids if she’d never been on the DRUGS in the first place….
    A toxic withdrawal reaction is a more likely explanation that the reappearance of some imaginary “mental illness”.
    Remember, the DSM is a catalog of billing codes, and ALL of the so-called “diagnoses” in it were INVENTED.

  • Bradford

    My friend, “all too easy” is a TROLL…..
    He’s baiting you….

  • Bradford

    Don’t you just despise these TROLLS?….*grin*….~B./