Dr. Pies Is Back

This morning, I received, by way of a forward from MIA, the following from Dr. Pies.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


I have read Dr. Philip Hickey’s 8400+ word treatise, and I have only the following to say with regard to the two key points at issue:

  1. 1. Notwithstanding my omission of quotation marks in my original Medscape article [1]—for which I take responsibility—the fact remains: I have never believed or argued that the so-called chemical imbalance theory (which was never really a theory) is merely a “little white lie.” It is that point of view—not merely typed words on the page—that has been falsely and carelessly attributed to me.
  2. 2. I have never received a dime from any pharmaceutical company or private agency with any verbal or written understanding that I would “promote” (elevate, popularize, hype, etc.) a particular drug. If any of the papers I wrote or co-authored over a decade ago had the effect of putting a drug in a favorable light, it was because the best scientific evidence available at that time supported the drug’s benefit. Nothing in Philip Hickey’s belaboring of half-truths, innuendos and guilt by association demonstrates otherwise.



Ronald Pies MD

1. http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/823368


  • Steve Hawkins

    So why did he change someone else’s words to: “simplistic formulation”, then? Weird.

  • Nick Stuart

    All I can say..and it is not often I am lost for words!… is.. well done Phil.

  • all too easy

    Phil specializes in half-truths.

  • All Too Hundred Daze

    So you just admitted you agree with half of everything Phil has ever said, not bad for a pathetic troll who has been coming here daily to leave hateful comments since April. Hundreds of days now, and I suppose this minor ‘feeding of the troll’ that I’m engaging in by responding to your comment, will keep you coming back for hundreds of more days. A little food, seems to go a long way with trolls like you. You’ve demonstrated over 200 plus days of trolling here, that far from being having some alleged (fradulent) ‘attention disorder’, you’re very much able to pay very close, laser focused attention, to coming here every day, and wiping and smearing your internet comment diarrhea all over the walls here like the pathetic, juvenile, digital graffiti artist that you truly are. Hey, I guess its better than spraying graffiti on walls and trains, I’m glad that this comment section has given you so much ‘joy’, you’re clearly a very happy and deeply fulfilled individual. Those people dying of cancer in hospital today who wish they could have just one more day with their loved ones, I’m sure have great respect for a man like you, who spends 200 days of his lifetime and counting, smearing your poo poo all over this place. You are an example of how not to raise kids.

  • All Too Hundred Daze

    oh, sorry, typo, I mean to say ‘fraudulent’ when referring to the invalid, spurious non-disease of so-called ‘ADHD’.

  • Rob Bishop

    Trolling is an excellent example of anti-social behavior that appears abnormal, but isn’t a mental illness.

  • All Too Hundred Daze

    His trolling is normal for the internet, but not normal for the high hopes his parents once had for him. A sad spectacle over 200 days here. Someone should go and gather up his hundreds of comments and paste them ALL, under everything new he leaves, so that people can see how utterly ridiculous this fool is.

  • Haha that is funny about the half-truths. I like to read the comments here because all too easy’s foolishness is quite amusing. They’re a good example of someone who thinks they will be taken seriously, but is in fact a running joke and they don’t even realize it.

  • Cledwyn o the D’Urbervilles

    Yes, I agree, Donald, psychiatry is a load of wank. Glad to hear you say it.

    The particular species of quack whereof the eminent Mr Pies is an example, are very territorial animals. Defaming the character of other people is their territory, and they will brook no interlopers.

    This can be seen most clearly in the recent attack on Donald Trump by psychiatrists. Now Trump may be vile, nevertheless those who medicalize his vileness – saying he suffers from a narcissistic personality disorder – in inferring from his verbal abusiveness the existence of some medical disorder that itself circulates society as a means of insulting others – leaving aside the obvious fact that such people are hoisting themselves with their own petards – seem to be furnishing proof of this territoriality of which I speak.

    Whether it is done in the form of a pseudo-diagnosis, or safely nestled within the back-handed phraseology of the mental health movement, it’s all the same thing, that is, verbal abuse.

    To keep pace with the galloping hypocrisy of civilized societies, men, perforce, have learned to dissimulate, to which end language has performed a most excellent service, offering as it does protective coloration for those who endeavor to indulge the impropriety of human nature under cover of the proprieties of polite discourse, thereby evading detection by the monitors of speech, thought, and conduct, of all who have settled effortlessly into the mold for which they were mostly made, that of the control-freak, of which your mental health fanatic, your moderators, and your prohibitionists, are a few examples.

    Yet some people simply won’t be pressed into the Procrustean mold of the ideal of man in contemporary civilization, either by dint of an inferior propensity for deception which makes them hopelessly ill-adapted to dissemble improprieties brought uppermost in their minds and and their deportment by experiences and circumstances furnishing receptive soil wherein the sentiments and passions outlawed by hypocritical society put down roots, and often thereafter burgeon and blossom into habits of thought and feeling to which people are becoming increasingly, fanatically averse, as can be seen with the treatment of people angrier, more cynical, more miserable etc., than the norm, and others increasingly demonized for dispositions and adaptations which offend the sense of propriety; or because to some of us forbidden fruits always taste the best.

  • Cledwyn Pus Poetics

    Pies has said before that the worst anti-psychiatry websites are veritable bastions of bigotry, where psychiatrists are subjected to invective and abuse.

    The powerless, injured and humiliated will react differently to those who, like Mr Pies, have been assigned an elevated, comfortable role in the social order, save those that is whose native servility renders them more maneuverable and tractable, and who therefore can easily settle into the mold into which they are pressed by circumstance and a society that oppresses them..

    In some people, the same tendency is at work as in the fox that, encircled by hounds, bares its teeth.

    The pressure applied to such people is approximately proportional to the force the latter exerts in opposition to that which is brought to bear upon them. They are like springs; they spring back harder the more they are pressed.

    There is a spirit of monism abroad that little regards the plurality of ways in which different environments and circumstances bring to the surface different currents of a man’s nature, which coincides with current conceptions of human beings denying the extent to which men are influenced in their thoughts, feelings and expressions by the aforementioned impersonal forces, differences in which – along with differences in character and disposition – variegate our experience and lot in life and influence the lines along which the development of the individual proceeds, bringing uppermost those aspects of human character and nature most adaptive and which are called forth in the individual’s engagement with his environment.

    Under the auspices of psychiatry and the ever-unimaginative and parochial bourgeoisie, we are heading towards a uniformitarian despotism, as Isaiah Berlin would have described it.

    The proprieties of polite society are largely a luxury some people simply cannot afford, for men must some time avail themselves of their improper depths in the struggle for survival and dignity, both of which often rarely admit of sentimental and ethical considerations. Yes some people are cynical, angry, and filled with hate, but sometimes people can ill-afford not to be, which is of course not the same thing as saying that it is always rational or that efforts shouldn’t be made sometimes to contain it within certain limits.

  • Cledwyn Pus Poetics

    Continuing where I left off, not that I am saying that people don’t sometimes make choices in the aforementioned regards, but forbidden fruit is often the most succulent, especially when those doing the forbidding are recognized for what they are; control freaks, fanatics laying down laws that are themselves the diseases – to borrow from Karl Kraus – they purport to cure, for save the most servile and cowardly, men are not inclined to abide by the many arbitrary rules others spin as their whim and fancy, or their fanatical intolerance, so dictates.

    All of which should be borne in mind by those who presume, as is their want, to tell others how they should think, feel, express, and conduct themselves (which, perforce, men must do sometimes in the latter case insofar as the liberty of one man imperils that of another, which is precisely why I tell eminent quacks like Mr Pies, with the respect due such a pre-eminent quack and practitioner of medicalized violence, that he has no business interfering in the lives of those whom he sets himself up as the savior of, amongst other things), whose ranks number, at present, about 6 or 7 billion people.

    Of course, I am in this regards talking about all those in the odious business of restricting the free flow of human thought, imagination and expression, such as the many-headed monster – the general public – under whose gimlet glare any who venture into society labor at great cost to the independence of their faculties (only by removing oneself to the margins of society can an individual truly develop creatively, imaginatively, intellectually and morally, where he is free from the malign influence that encircles the minds of the more social individual, who is thus doomed to mediocrity on almost all fronts, a mediocrity which nevertheless puffs most men up with pride, for the thereof is that it allows men to take an ovine pride in being “normal”, which more than compensates for the lack of any pride they can actually take in anything within themselves); your drug prohibitionists; your mental health fanatics; your bloody moderators; and all those who by physical force; by cunning; by dint of mockery and the unsolicited “advice” that issues so freely from the mouths of control freaks; or by appeals to popular sentiment and received stupidity (for it is true that when such are brought to bear, the individual feels rushing in upon his mind a force equivalent to that of a large body of people pressing in upon one’s person, for which reason a man may in society only venture an opinion, or comport himself in a manner contrary to convention at great cost to his mental stability, for which reason the free-thinker, doomed to be deemed mad, foolish or wicked by the slavish many, must, insofar as it is possible, forgo commerce with others); or by some such other means, pull stray sheep back into the fold.

    We should follow the lead of Diogenes the Cynic, masturbating in public and spitting in the faces of people telling us not to spit anywhere clean. The fact that today this great man would be labelled mentally-ill is a sobering reminder of how far we haven’t come.

  • Cledwyn Pus Poetics

    There should be no comma after opinion.

  • all too easy

    You should take your meds

  • all too easy

    You need to take a lot of meds. Take em by the handful 25 times or more as needed every 15 seconds. Take em like candy. Your NPD is so severe you need an army of doctors treating you night and day.

  • all too easy

    Indeed, you keep reading them for their entertainment value! which is reflected in your sour, bitter, dark mindset, by attacking the very one who supplies you with the only humor known to sustain you through all your unhappiness.

    got to love it. these bird brains hope that they will offer some insult or critique that will discourage me from using this venue to proclaim truth. Great job girls.

  • all too easy

    you really do, clive.

  • Haha, 3 months later you finally reply! The only thing you’re wrong about is that I am unhappy…
    oh, and I’m a man, baby….