Psychiatry: A Protected Cartel

On December 27, 2015, Richard Lewis, a regular contributor to Mad In America, posted on that site Deafening Silence: What Happens When the Whistle Blows and Nobody Hears?  Here are the first two paragraphs:

“What happens when someone finally ‘blows the whistle,’ exposing potential harm and possible death caused by today’s mental health system? Is there any government agency or designated persons who are prepared to hear the whistle or even investigate and/or act on the nature of a serious complaint? Are all whistle blowers fired, or are some just ignored and easily dismissed as just an isolated voice in the wilderness?  Just how broken is ‘Broken’? Is it even worth the effort of going through official channels to file formal complaints within the current ‘System’? Here is my story and I will let you ponder some of the possible answers to these provocative questions.

September 11th 2015 was my last day working as a counselor/therapist in the U.S. community mental health system. After 22 years working within that system I resigned out of protest having waged a concerted effort (2½ years) to challenge potentially dangerous psychiatric drug prescribing patterns at my workplace. In late April of this year these challenges led to the filing of a major complaint with the Massachusetts Dept. of Mental Health and eventually the Dept. of Public Health. Here is a brief summary of how these events unfolded and ultimately reached a disappointing, but not surprising, final conclusion:”

And here are some more quotes from the body of the article:

“However, I never expected to discover just HOW unprepared, dysfunctional, and totally oblivious the entire state bureaucracy is when it involves any serious complaints detailing possible abuses and harm being done to its citizens by a branch of medicine called Psychiatry.”

“I soon discovered that any supposed “checks and balances” regarding medical safety, as it applies to psychiatric drugs, are nonexistent and the government agencies entrusted with protecting the public in this area of medicine are virtually clueless and totally unprepared to act with any authority. The bottom line is that the overall situation is far worse than even the most cynical critic could ever imagine.”

“…the Massachusetts Department of Public Health is not willing or prepared to even investigate, let alone challenge Psychiatry when it comes to any of the categories of mind altering and often dangerous drugs they prescribe.”

” The entirety of my experience in this endeavor reconfirms my long-held belief that the current ‘System’ is truly broken FAR beyond repair.”

Richard also makes the point that those of us who criticize psychiatry need to

“… work towards developing a broader base of support to maximize the sound and effect of the blown whistle.”

Please take a look at this inspiring article, and pass it along.

  • bulbous1

    What does Mr Lawhern propose instead? That people be treated like little children and denied access to whatever drugs it is they want, that the dispensation of such chemicals be more firmly regulated?

    I think things need to go the other way, that either medical professionals be stripped of their monopoly on drug-dealing, or at the very least they allow people to make their own choices.

    We must reclaim the right to destroy ourselves from those who presume to do it it for us!

    Better to destroy ourselves than to be destroyed by others.

    Let us march in protest against those who presume to do so much better what we are handling perfectly well ourselves; let us camp outside every church, every clinic, every hospital, every abode in which those who would damn us to salvation reside, who affect to deliver us while destroying us, and indulge in orgies of self-destruction, and in a spirit of bacchanalian revelry, engorge greedily on forbidden foods, passions, desires, herbs and chemicals, and then kill ourselves.

    Why should we seek to preserve a body that only imprisons, organs that only torment us, and a life that degrades us?

    We should set up asylums where people can go and hook themselves up to machines that pump all manner of chemicals into the bloodstream, and just lie there awaiting death.

    Some people don’t care, they just want an escape from the consciousness that so taxes them. We seek solace in states barely removed from death, or lacking the courage as some of us do to top ourselves, we let death creep up on us unawares, killing ourselves by small, imperceptible degrees, so that we may evade Nature’s attempts to sabotage us, outraged at those who would usurp her prerogative – that of destroying -, through the terror with which she paralyzes a man on the threshold of his much desired conversion into a corpse.

    Some compliment to those who bestow this “gift” upon us and those who so frame it! Everywhere people looking to escape the calvary of sobriety, for some chemical whose amnesic properties (or failing that, a jolt of electricity to the brain) might temporarily paralyze the memory, that preservative of our pangs, through which the aftershocks of traumas and humiliations past poison the present; or for some avenue of escape from the present moment, some herb that might allow the brain to vegetate for a while, for the sleep that we are nightly allotted is not enough, not enough. No wonder so many people are flooding the offices of doctors and psychiatrists.

    Give me unadulterated heroin and I’d gladly become addicted to it. Does it harm you? Absolutely, but to hell with it, anything to escape this danse macabre between pain and tedium we call life, whose only reward is death.

    For some, drugs are just about the only avenue of pleasure open to them. In addition to this, they must suffer the Tantalus-like torments of being forced to observe others sauntering their way down the avenues passage through which they are denied by fate, fortune and circumstance, their misery amplified by the comparative happiness of others, a state of relative happiness which, far from affirming the goodness of life, as some optimists insist, only makes it all the more cruel, for the human heart being what it is suffers all the more for the visible and felt contrast between our own fate and that of others, to which must also be added the further suffering born of the misunderstanding of one’s fellows, who tell such people that they “ought” to feel happy for others, conceiving not of the absurdity and cruelty of making normative statements about the human heart, which follows its own laws; there is no “ought” with the human heart, and no man can force his feelings.

    From all of which the following may be deduced; that the relative happiness of some must be accounted an evil, for it worsens the misery of others, those people who, like the homeless, must not only contend with the alternating cruelty and indifference of men to their plight; with the struggle to procure their survival; the inclemency of the weather; and the humiliation of the position to which they are assigned in the social order; but also the relative happiness and contentment of those around them, in the felt contrast with which their own lives become even more insufferable; ergo the only ethically sound attitude one can take, I would surmise, towards the greater happiness of some, the basic emotional inequality there is between us, the differences in the exchange rate between pain and pleasure from person to person, is not to affirm life, but to denounce it, for it offends against the notion of fairness (which some people, in order to vindicate the world, get around by postulating an identification between happiness and virtue, so in the scales of human experience each balances out the other, which is complete nonsense) and worsens the suffering of others, irrespective of what we believe people “ought” to feel (one might as well say that one “ought” not to fart, or one “ought” not crap, or one’s heart “ought” not to beat).

    Nevertheless, I have digressed. Why should some people invest in the future when they have no future, or when the future opens out before the mind’s eye like a queue in a morgue antechamber? Fuck the future!

    That doctors, some of the most privileged people in society, should have any say in what people struggling in the lower depths or on the periphery of social life are allowed to take, is outrageous and preposterous. These people haven’t got a clue about the shit that brings some people to their offices, begging for some herb or chemical to console them on their parodic Via Crucis, to help them in the daily climb up the Calvary to which they have been condemned.

  • all too easy

    “These drugs are usually very safe and effective when dispensed in a controlled medical environment.” Rich Lewis

  • all too easy

    Beautiful Paladapus. Pure, unfettered, hysterical garbage, your specialty. Tis the only thing she enjoys doing. But, It takes Palady longer, using up more time and space and energy, to cry about how life sucks than all other cry babies throughout the world, combined. Spewing her little broken heart out is the one thing she adores. Too bad she cannot enjoy her own sensational sense of humor.

  • dopp

    LIAR. Lewis never said that or anything like it.

  • doppelganger

    Too bad your passionate adoration of Cledwyn’s eloquence will never be reciprocated. Poor little cry baby with attention seeking disorder. Maybe if you would display just a tiny little smidgeon of talent or intellect, he might acknowledge you. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Try harder. You can do it. Be the little meth head who could.

  • all too easy

    Your View: A perfect storm of addiction — Opiates and ‘benzos’ still flood SouthCoast

    by richard lewis August 2, 2015

    “In this country, benzos are recklessly over-prescribed by psychiatrists and primary care doctors for managing anxiety symptoms and insomnia. These drugs are usually very safe and effective when dispensed in a controlled medical environment.”

    Guess your trolls are right Doctor Hickey. Lewis never said that. Look it up. You will never find it.

    Psychiatry haters have no tolerance for truth, when they don’t like it. They lie, insult, exaggerate, cry, complain, have tantrums, run away and never learn. You should chastise your little whinny punks who can’t take the heat.

  • all too easy


    Your View: A perfect storm of addiction — Opiates and ‘benzos’ still flood SouthCoast

    by richard lewis August 2, 2015

    “In this country, benzos are recklessly over-prescribed by psychiatrists and primary care doctors for managing anxiety symptoms and insomnia. These drugs are usually very safe and effective when dispensed in a controlled medical environment.”

    Word for word from this paper on the above date by richard lewis.

    “LIAR. Lewis never said that or anything like it.”

    The Geniuses

  • doppelganger

    How wonderful that even an amphetamine-addled psychia-trained, poo-flinging monkey like you can be correct 0.00026794 percent of the time. Congratulations! Doesn’t change the fact that 0.99973206 percent of the digital diarrhea you wipe and smear all over these comment threads is mindless droning about psychiatry’s fake diseases and false concepts.

    Good job! Carry on.