Non-psychiatrists Working in the Mental Health System

I know from my own experience and from emails I receive from readers that a great many non-psychiatrists who work in the mental health system have seen through the psychiatric hoax.  These individuals, who are growing in number, realize that the problems for which clients seek help are not illnesses in any meaningful sense of the term.  They also realize that the psychiatrically-controlled mental health system, with its emphasis on drugs and electric shocks, is doing enormous harm to the people it purports to serve.

Most of these workers try to adapt.  They try to work around the meaningless “diagnoses” and the pill-for-every-problem approach, and they seek ways to be genuinely helpful to the clients.

A few days ago, through the Tell Your Story tab on my website, I received an article from one such individual.  It’s a powerful account of the author’s struggle with the inanities of psychiatric care, and his eventual exit from the system.

Please take a look, and pass it on.

  • Cledwyn Gallows Buffoon

    All is useless!!!!!

    Like children in a flight simulator, the species, though stationary, thinks it is moving forward.

    The world is broadly made-up of two kinds of people; those who, so to speak, sit in the auditorium and watch the eternal farce of human existence, with all its constituent sub-farces; and those who enact their parts therein.

    The latter never arrive at that Solomonic insight into the vanity of human striving, and the resignation consequent thereon. They just go on perpetrating in perpetuity the same basic stupidities and atrocities, uniting in depressing succession, the endless procession of the ages.

    The actors in this theater, who in every age constitute the vast majority, think there is something unique about what they are enacting; but they are just playing their part in some immemorial farce.

    Take two people in love. They think there is something unique about their madness, something unprecedented. Or take those who believe in the possibility of effecting some great reformation in the morals and manners of the species, a species still crawling its way across the surface of earth, like cockroaches going round and round a table, unaware they are going nowhere.

    People think institutional psychiatry as it is currently practiced represents some sort of great advance in the way society responds to human suffering, but it’s just the same old farce.

    Men, toadying to some tyrant in the sky under a pretense of piety, once viewed the suffering of Fate’s casualties as a punishment from god; now, swathed in equally superstitious trappings, it is attributed to mysterious abstract disease processes; but the farce is still basically the same, still the same victim-blaming, still the same “inhumanity”, and so on, and so forth.

    The world undergoes surface revolutions, the costumes, the dialogue, the scenery etc., all change, but it’s still the same farce.

    But the farce must go on…

    Multiplying to seeming infinity as if in some nightmarish hall of mirrors, the imbecilities and atrocities know no end.

    We take refuge in the myth of progress, but with the exponential growth of the population, the sum total of human misery and wretchedness, and of human wickedness, is increasing.

    All is useless!!!

  • Anne Watmough

    As one human cockroach to another may I complement you on your wonderful way of expressing yourself within the written word. I love the way you write however being human and sensitive to the outside world I remain seeking hope and if I was without hope then I couldn’t find myself getting through the day. Because I have a son and I find I have life left in me which means like it or not I am part of the human race and of this world this cold atom we call earth. I suppose my hope basically gleans from the fact that on earth there is constant change and renewal and that every child is born good not evil. And every child has the potential to do good as well as bad

    . I don’t believe that with every new child born there will be an increase in human wickedness. Because I believe that love is more powerful than hate and that good is more powerful than evil. I think everyone’s life can be touched by love at sometime or another even the most considered hopeless. I think we as human’s strive for this and the majority even if driven by hate love something or someone and can be touched by love not hate. It seems yes humans are capable of hate and Syria is just an example of how that hate can take form killing innocents and destroying cities. And man and woman’s inhumanity is yet again destroying mother earth and its people.

    But I don’t believe ‘All is useless!!!’ because I believe the reason wars have come and gone and the reason atrocities have come and gone is because good eventually has outweighed bad and evil. As simple as that. Love has won in the end. Despite deaths and tortures and atrocities sooner or later change has occurred and come about and love has reached the hearts of the population which will in fact one day balance out and become true to itself.

    I remain despite a lifetime wrapped up in the psychiatric web optimistic about my life and I have hope for my son however minute that flame might be it still has not perished. Because like the majority of people if come into contact with in my daily life, simple people living ordinary lives, I find they are good not evil. In fact in all of my life I have encountered just three people you could class as being evil and I am 65 and have met many people in my life. Saying this I still believe that what they did and I was aware of did not outweigh what good I did myself. So I will remain hopeful at present because I am not too old to think otherwise.

  • Lui Bliss

    I enjoyed reading your post. Thanks