This post was submitted by a reader.Hi All,

Phil, I agree with you on the dismal and almost criminal state of psychiatry, today.

I have mixed feelings about Benzos, however, because of the almost unbearable chronic anxiety attacks I was having.

Take a pill and anxiety gone. It helped keep me alive at the time. But now, 3 years later I take a small dose of Benzos daily and I am an addict.

I swear, I haven’t seen my doctor in over a year – always an RN or NP.

They have precribed numerous anti-psychotic drugs for me and upped the dosage on the drugs I take. I never went along with it and continue a low dose of Benzo and SSRI every day.

I have tapered my use of these drugs to a minimum for now and obviously wish to live drug free.

I am conflicted, I really think that Benzos saved me from further nervous breakdown, but now I am a slave to them.

A reader