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Murphy Bill Being Sneaked Into House Legislation

This morning I received an email from Oldhead, who has been active in opposing the Murphy Bill.  Here are two quotes from the email:

“As succinctly as possible — the main language from MURPHY (including AOT funding) has been consolidated with another bill, the 21ST CENTURY CURES bill, which is being introduced as a House Amendment to the Senate Amendment to H.R. 34, Tsunami Warning, Education and Research Act of 2015.’  In other words, Murphy is being slipped through on another bill’s coattails, if Murphy, Jaffee & Co. have their say.”

“So there we have it, I guess.  We should be calling our congressional representatives TODAY — TUESDAY — to request that they vote AGAINST the 21ST CENTURY CURES bill being amended to H.R. 34 if it is consolidated with HR 4626 (the original Murphy bill).  You could mention that you are specifically opposed to TITLE XIV Section 14002 (AOT) [Assisted Outpatient Treatment].  I know this is a mouthful.  People with the time should focus on Democrats, but first make sure you contact your local representatives. If it’s a Republican, focus on the enormous cost and waste of taxpayer funds. Use our anti-AOT talking points as a general guide. They’re posted in the organizing forum (here) if you don’t already have them.”

On Wednesday (tomorrow), the House is expected to vote on whether to incorporate the Murphy Bill provisions into the 21st Century Cures Bill.

If there was ever a time for political lobbying, it’s now.  If you live in the US, please phone your Congressperson today, and ask him or her to oppose this amendment.  The last thing we need is any more psychiatric drugging, particularly enforced drugging.

If you don’t know how to contact your Congressman, go here.